Motorcycles and childlike wonder go hand in hand. So do motorcycles and stupid. A lot of things were really good in the good old days, then again a lot of things were definitely the latter. The reason we gather in packs, though, doglike, is because we’re always fun to watch and smell. Here’s to hoping the parade continues indefinitely.

  • Donnie

    I’m not the Highwayman, I’m more of the Cowtrailman. I’m from the land where women are scarce and the sheep are scared. Real men shiver in their bunks with the thought of me and my henchmen!

  • Old MOron

    Ha ha, I remember the Highwayman. He, too, was an old MOron.
    I don’t agree about sumo, but this was funny stuff, JB.

    • john burns

      O you know who he was? We will have to out you OM… Cashley is that you?

      • Old MOron

        Sorry, I didn’t mean to give the wrong impression. I didn’t actually know the Highwayman. I just remember him from the good ol’ days.

        I did meet and ride with Ashley once or twice, but I’m a nobody. Just a reader with a fond memory for the MOronic days. Just a reader.

        • Buzz

          I think Old Moron has to be. …… Martin!

          • john burns

            duh duh duh dunnnnnh!! I think I only met him once. Could be a good alter ego for him tho…

          • Old MOron

            Ha, Martin was an editor. Not just a reader.

            He’s Executive Director of the Blue Ribbon Coalition now. Doing alright. Probably too busy to be farting around here.

          • Old MOron

            Serendipity! Hey Buzz, I was looking for an old post, and look what I found instead. How Buzglyd sees the world:



          • Buzz

            Damn I was good lookin!

            What happened?

          • Old MOron

            Wait, are you the one on the left or on the right?
            Ha ha ha, okay sorry. That was too easy.

      • Old MOron

        Speaking of Ashley, Cashley, Crashley, she apparently had it in for you at one time.


  • JMDonald

    It’s been a long time since I was part of a well-regulated convoy or striking a daring posse deep into the uncharted badlands. But I remember the Highwayman. I always thought it was Burns. Guess not.

    • Rusty Shackleford

      He had one thing right: they are stout.

  • James Stewart

    I think watching Café Racer/Naked Speed allows me to hate on Hipsters and UJMs simultaneously. The hipsters are always cutting up some old 1975 CB750 junk to make it even more ill-handling and uncomfortable. The only exception would be the Episode with the Rokon 340 make-over. Taking a 340cc two stroke dirt bike with a CVT and attempting to make a track day toy out of it? What can possibly go wrong ?

  • Archie Dux

    One thing about today I’m not going to miss: clickbait.

  • Buzz

    Loved the Highwayman and the flames that followed his posts.

    Burns, hash it out with Duke and bring back something else as a special feature: Old Message Board Flame Wars.

    Let’s face it, there were some epic rants in those days. There were even good ones that didn’t include Kook.

    I don’t know if those old pages were still around but I’d pay good money to read Kook tells us how he fended off a bunch of Harley guys ogling his tube top wearing wife with a broomstick.

    • john burns

      DAng I missed that one. KPC still posts on here from time to time but nothing like the old days. Didn’t somebody ban him for awhile? then unbanned, then…

      • Buzz

        KP was banned then unbanned then banned again. His posts ceased to be the funny lunacy they once were.

  • 12er

    I was thinking “whats wrong with the LT?” but then Im 6’6 and was 300 at the time. JB romanticizing through our old posts?

  • Andrew Capone

    Wow. ‘Atrociteur’ is the coolest word I’ve learned in a decade. It has joined ‘vulgarian’ as the way I’m most likely to describe Donald Trump.

    • Buzz

      We’ve had an Atrociteur in office for almost seven years. Might as well install a Vulgarian.

      • john burns

        wait, are we going political?! are we allowed to do that? Buzz, where is your wingman Seruzawa? Stuck in his Sansabelt pants someplace?

        • Buzz

          Nah, the Chainsmoker-in-Chief (the one with the Queen still on his money) doesn’t allow such tomfoolery.

          Seru is a retired guy now. He might have switched to jump suits and velcro walking shoes.

  • pcontiman

    Gotta love the Highwayman!

  • pcontiman

    Just to reinforce your point on the hipsters: The Born Free Run – Bikers meet Hipsters and choppermania (old school, home built choppers that is) ensues. Not to mention a serious showing of performance/custom builders.

  • therealzircon

    I always knew it was a religious experience with H-D riders. They have the one true religion, the only belief system that can bring everlasting joy and eternal peace. “Pax vobiscum”

  • Pushr0d

    What? No mention of Mr. ALLCAPS!?

  • Popo2

    Wow, I suppose I may have hated the GS700E, but only because I loved my own KZ900! Truth in fact is that, back then, I loved all of the 750+ Japanese multi-cylindered works of art.

  • Camping101

    I disagree – It’s always cool to bag on hipsters…