1. Buell!


Did I mention EICMA is big? Here’s a list of exhibitors for the doubters. One that’s missing is EBR (Erik Buell Racing), which went belly-up recently after a financial falling-out with its Indian partner Hero. Not to worry, however. Absence makes the crotch grow fonder, and after sitting down for this interview with Buell’s new patron, Bruce Belfer, we’re willing to let them sit one EICMA out while we hopefully anticipate what might be in the works. EBR’s 1190SX was one of a few big naked bikes able to bring the fight to the KTM Super Duke R, and for years before that EB’s been bringing bikes to market that never fail to stir the pot, nearly always in a good way. The 156-rear-wheel-hp SX was amazing, but I personally would be content with an old XB9-SX City repop … basically we just all want to see goodness triumph over evil once again.

  • dW

    YES YES YES to the Guzzi: but why stop there?

    My wish (and that of countless others) would be to see the 1200 4V as a low-slung naked cafe racer…….imagine a Griso with clip-ons and less weight..!!!!

    (oh, and about time they add ABS to the equation as well)

    • Daimyo

      They must add ABS to continue selling it next year right? I am hoping they take the opportunity to shave off some weight, add some electronic gizmos, massage some more power from the engine etc…

  • JMDonald

    I like the Griso. I like it just like it is. Does anyone know who won the Arai helmet?

  • Old MOron

    Very good point about Nicky and a VFR1000RR. But I’m pretty sure his first year in WSBK is going to suck. Maybe in 2017 Honda will give him something competitive.

    Oh, hell yes to a street-going WR450. And hell yes to a Buell – as long as it comes with the NC700X’s storage compartment.

  • Branson

    #3 is spot-on. I’ve been whining about the need for a 450 Japanese dualsport for years. The manufacturers’ reps at the annual motorcycle show now know to avoid me…

  • fastfreddie

    I’m with you on that VFR1000RR.And it should look like the VF1000R.I’d buy it in a heartbeat if it did,and comes with those specs you listed.Also with you on that S1200TFU from BMW.Finally a good lookin’ beemer.

    • john burns

      FF from Yakutsk, what are your favorite cold-weather riding accessories??

      • fastfreddie

        lol.I’m not from Yakutsk.From oslo,Norway.When it gets really cold I just ride in a cold weather jacket (squid,I know.If I crash I’d be tarred and feathered properly;),and set the heated grips to fry setting;) Special knee protectors help,and a hanky for the throat.Just use the bike as means of transportation in this part of the season.No fun riding now,and am not into SM if you know what I mean.

        Sorry to dissapoint.Just kidded about yakutsk with that russian character who often frequents here.

  • Enntense

    How about a single (just one) streetfighter from any manufacturer that doesn’t get watered down with a “re-tuned” counterpart of it’s superbike motor? How the manufacturers continue to miss this ball is unforgivable. For example the BMW1000r…Great bike, except for all the missing power from the same motor in the 1000rr..why? Yeah I know…If they made super powerful fast nimble , COMFORTABLE bikes you could ride all day, no one would buy the superbikes…

    • Andre Capitao Melo

      two words: torque re-allocation.

      • Kenneth

        Exactly. Whenever dyno runs are compared, the “re-tuned” engines give _more_ power all the way up to the fastest equivalent street speeds.

      • Enntense

        That torque reallocation in this case gains you 1ft/lb more peak, at 9100rpm and a lumpy big dip just prior to that, where the 1000rr peaks a bit later at 10.6 or so but in a smooth arc. Not awesome. When the R peaks at 11k for HP, around 147, the RR is making 160, and still rising, the show is over on the R.

        • Andre Capitao Melo


          There’s all you need to know. If you don’t like more torque at low/medium rpms, that’s your opinion and you’re entitled to it, but many people do prefer it, and that’s why manufacturers “water down” the engines of these kinds of bike. (along with the obvious costs saving associated with it)

          • Enntense

            I would totally agree with you if the torque came significantly lower, but a measly 10% rpm reduction in peak torque for a side loss of 30hp is not a very good trade off.

          • nicklove

            When you look at paper specs from manufactures as the one you have shown and also the way these streetbikes are marketed you would expect it to feel more ballsy down low, but after riding the xr, the r and rr, the rr just feels way stronger throughout the entire rev range.

            Even the GSXR thou feels stronger everywhere than what the GSXS does.

            If you get some spare time, go and ride a few back to back and to be fair, don’t rev the supersport bikes past 9k.
            See what you think.

    • Kevin Duke

      I have yet to meet someone who rode an S1000R who thinks it is lacking power.

      • Enntense

        Sure, unless you got off a 1000RR and got on one. Then your left wondering where the 30 HP went, and why the bike your now on is missing top end. If you’ve never experienced the full output of that motor, then I’m sure you would be totally satisfied.

    • Born to Ride

      Tuono. Up until this model year with the RF superbike and 1100cc Tuono going their separate ways, the tuono has always matched its superbike brother in horsepower output. I believe the first tuono had its motor lifted directly from the mille without so much as a change in fuel map.

      • Enntense

        Yeah, that’s an awesome bike for sure. I’d forgotten about it. Better throw the superduke in there as well.

  • Ducati Kid


    Perhaps a revised ‘SX’ or (S.W.B.) M-G ‘Audace’ might intrigue you?

    See below for Concept illustrations …

    • Ducati Kid


      My pardon – a BMW ‘Roadster’ small displacement Boxer with it’s larger ‘Cruiser’ brethren.

      These both Concepts …

  • Wish list:

    1. Completely with you on the Speed Twin.

    2. A revised CBR600RR or R6. Time to breathe some life back into Supersports.

    3. While we’re on that, a Ducati 821 (or something) SS. Or a cafe-racer Scrambler.

  • schizuki

    A Yamaha sportbike with the FZ-09 triple engine.

  • dbwindhorst

    Runners up? Two new twin-cylinder Ténéré models: an XT300 (doesn’t Kawasaki have a 300 Versys in the pipe?), and an XT700.

    And while we’re dreaming of more bikes based on already great engines: how about an XT700X or XT900X to compete with the Hypermotard and the big Duke?

  • Mark Vizcarra

    For a moment I thought it was a BMW 1200STFU!!!

    • fastfreddie

      I think they made it the way they did to get around that acronym somewhat 😀

  • Suzuki 650

    I do really wish suzuki would remake an rg500, kevin schwantz edition would just be too cool. Or Yamaha with a rz350 reissue… I can dream. Fun article!

  • Max Wellian

    I like 1, 2, & 5, but if Honda resurrects the VFR1000, I sure hope it’s body is a little shapelier than the 80’s edition.

  • Born to Ride

    Said this in another thread but I’ll say it again here. I would love to see a testastretta powered Ducati sportbike with adjustable clip on and rearset height, and an option for hard bags with those trick hidden mounts. I love the panigale from the perspective of a pure performance bike, but I like to do 300 mile tours that hit all the canyons and mountains in my region in an afternoon; the panigale(or any other pure sportbike) is simply too punishing in ergonomics for me.

    Imagine a bike where you can set the pegs to low, bars to high, and load up bags with camping gear and cruise to racetrack of your choosing. Then the next day when the track opens you ditch the bags, set the pegs to high, bars to low and have a real superbike. No compromises.

    Ducati please, you can build it, you have the technology.

  • Y.A.

    Honda definitely needs to bring back the V4. CBR is dead.

  • Lisa Glover

    I want to see Yamaha put the R1’s technology into an FZ-1 and tune the engine for the low and mid range vs high end horsepower. I want a S1000XR, S1000R but I want it with the Japanese touch (I want it to run forever). Yamaha has been hitting a lot of home run’s recently… I’m looking for a tad more performance than the FJ-09…God knows why.