We’re still waiting to “test” the reborn Commando, or maybe we’re not, since that thing is old hat now that the new V4 RR is here. This one’s not your Peter Egan’s Norton, though. This one’s got a 1200cc 72-degree V-Four with ti valves and eight fuel injectors, said to produce 200-plus horsepower at 12,500 rpm. It’s got all the cool guy parts and electronic jamming devices including a seven-inch TFT display and auto-shifter blipper, and it’s all in a shiny-polished handmade frame rolling on the finest Ohlins suspension. It was developed at the Isle of Man, fittingly, where it finished sixth in last year’s Superbike TT under one David Johnson, with an average speed of 131 mph.

2017 Norton V4 RR And SS Announced

Lucky for you, the dollar has rebounded a bit: £28,000 is only $34,268!