I can’t introduce the second generation Confederate P51 Combat Fighter any better than the folks at Confederate themselves, so here we go:

Brutal, minimal, and built to last, reveal, and transform. Fresh superabundant energy, force and power is breathed into the world’s rebel motoring culture, as envisioned and created, one machine at a time, by the fiercely independent hot rod giants upon whose shoulders we so proudly stand. As a salute to those gentlemen we so greatly revere, we are honored to offer the most primal example of raw American Power it is possible to create.

Nothing announces to the world that you’re a badass quite like a Confederate motorcycle, and if you’re a badass with $140,000 burning a hole in your wallet, then the second-gen P51 Combat Fighter is the bike for you. For that price you’ll get in return a motorcycle inspired by the famous warplane, constructed entirely of 6061 billet aluminum, right down to the engine block and heads. Confederate says its proprietary monocoque is the “stiffest, most fatigue-resistant and lightest chassis capable of housing the greatest amount of torque as a percentage of weight ever achieved in all of motordom.” With a statement like that, how could you not want one?

As far as specs go, the P51 is powered by a 2,163cc V-Twin pumping out a claimed 145 hp and 160 lb-ft. Suspension is the double wishbone variety with a single shock keeping the front end down. Another fully adjustable shock sits in the back. The eyes are drawn to the distinctive styling and attention to detail of any Confederate, and the P51 will garner plenty of attention. From its carbon fiber wheels, to its quadruple front discs, the P51 is bold and makes a statement wherever you go. Of course, you should also be prepared for shouts of “mid-life crisis” as well. Alternatively, you can drown out those cries with the rumble of your exhaust.

If $140,000 for the black version above is too steep, the P51 is also available in its natural aluminum color for $125,000. A steal!