You never know who’s swimming naked till the tide goes out, says Oracle of Omaha, Warren Buffett. And you never know whose pockets are really deep until they lay a swell gift on you like one of the following. We at MO of course hate to encourage such crass commercialism during a time that’s really all about human and spiritual connections, but it’s basically what we get paid to do. And you can be certain that if motorcycles had existed in 0 AD, these are the gifts people would’ve bestowed instead of frankincense and myrrh and dreidels and whatever.

  • fastfreddie

    An $1127 rainsuit?!Guess when you have more money than you know what to do with,it’s a great bargain.And it’ll liven up the christmas spirit if the participants is wanting for laughter:D

    • Goose

      I think kind of missed the point. The Aerostich suits are an everything garment. They are comfortable, warm when you need it, cool when you need it (try “Aerostich Air Conditioning”, I.E. ice in the front pockets you stay cool & dry), provide good crash protection and keep you dry in the wet. Not for everybody but for folks who do long distance touring and or want a commute suit they can get in or out of in under a minutes they are a great choice.

      Sadly, Aerostich’s sizing, at least for the tall folks, is really poor. The one piece is just not an option if, like me, you have a long torso. For the prices they charge you should have the option for long torso/ short legs. The up side is the two piece and Darien options are somewhat better for people who aren’t built like Andy G. seems to think they should be. Then you just have the odd cut of the jackets to worry about. My Darien would fit me really well if I was a 6′ 4″, 230 pound female with really large breasts, but I’m a 6′ 4″, 230 pound male with a normal man’s chest. Oh well, the breasts might upset my wife. Or not, you never know…

      • Kevin Duke

        Aerostiich will build custom sizes…

        • Goose

          Aerostitch offers a set of standard, off the self alterations. Unless it is relatively new (the last few years, since I gave up buying their products) they do not offer true custom suits. I’ve spoken to them more then once, including Mr. Subjective himself. I been told, always polity and professionally, that I don’t know what I’m talking about and their sizing is perfect.

          Here’s one more example, the neck on my XXL Darien measures 24″in circumference. I have yet to figure out how to get enough fabric to get a decent seal in this giant hole with my, apparently pencil size, 18″ neck. Aerostich doesn’t offer a smaller neck alteration.

          This summer I tried to buy some gloves from them. I was told I should buy the size glove the little sizing chart in their catalog said I should buy, which was size 10. “But I wear a 13/ XXL, I’ve been fitted by more than one professional”. Again, I was told their sizing is perfect, I (and I suppose the people who fitted me) are a lot of idiots. In some magic way the same hands that fit perfectly in much loved but totally worn out XXL (and the biggest XXLs I found in the bin) Alpine Star GP Plus gloves for years would now fit in size 10 gloves. I decided I could live with a new pair of non-US made gloves.

          Aerostich suits are great products and the people who work there seem to be fine people. Aerostich products give good service and are backed by great support that justify the premium price. If they fit you I highly recommend them. If they don’t fit you and the limited alterations offered do not address your fit issues, move on. I’ve learned the hard way that slightly lower quality products/ non-US made products that fit are a better deal than great, US made products that don’t really fit.

  • TechGuy5489

    You guys forgot to include a 2015 track day at the Circuit of the Americas. $560 buys you a spot and garage space for the day.