Yamaha Continues Production After Disaster

Company will continues to assess situation

By Motorcycle.Com Staff, Mar. 14, 2011
Yamaha Motor Co. factories and offices will continue to operating March 14-15 as the company assesses the aftermath of the earthquake and tsunamis that struck Japan.

The company will decide on March 15 whether to remain open on the 16th and beyond. Yamaha’s factories and facilities were not damaged in the disaster. The company’s Motor Sports facility in Miyagi prefecture was the closest to the earthquake epicenter and suffered no visible damage despite severe damage to the surrounding area. Yamaha reports one injury to a company employee in its sales department. All other Yamaha Motor employees have been accounted for and are unharmed.

Yamaha will cooperate with electricity rationing and rolling blackouts while conserving energy through measures including restricting industrial power usage, heating in offices and turning off neon signs. Yamaha Motor is also asking its employees to save electricity as much as possible, both at work and at home.

Humanitarian aid and relief efforts are in the works for earthquake and tsunami-stricken communities following a review of needs and priorities.