Yamaha has released images and a video of its new retro-styled production model, the XSR700. The XSR is a variation of the FZ-07 platform, a retro roadster slightly reminiscent of Ducati’s successful Scrambler. As of this writing, the XSR700 has only been announced by Yamaha Motor Europe, but we expect it will also be sold in North America; we’ll provide an update when we hear back from Yamaha Motor U.S.A.

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The 2016 Yamaha XSR700 follows the “Faster Sons” philosophy that led to a concept model produced by L.A.-based designer Shinya Kimura. It pays tribute to the classic XS650 but with modern technology, including the 689cc Twin engine from the FZ-07.

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Reminiscent of the Star Bolt, the XSR700 carries a lot of retro touches, including a two-texture seat and single round headlight. At first glance the instrument cluster looks like a classic round speedometer until you notice the all-digital display.


The parallel-Twin engine is the same as the one powering the FZ-07, with an uneven firing interval and 270-degree crank as part of Yamaha’s “Crossplane Philosophy”. Yamaha Motor Europe claims a maximum output of 73.8 hp at 9000 rpm and 50.2 lb-ft. at 6500 rpm. Yamaha claims the XSR700 can get 54.7 mpg, which would provide a range of about 200 miles

The engine is mounted in the FZ-07’s diamond-type frame, but the XSR has a different subframe that doesn’t rise as sharply. The XSR700’s 32.1-inch seat height is 0.4-inch taller than the FZ’s. The suspension appears unchanged from the FZ-07; a horizontally-mounted rear shock offers 5.1 inches of travel, as does the telescopic fork. The 24.5-degree rake and 90mm of trail are also the same as with the FZ-07.


The 10-spoke aluminum wheels are also the same as on the FZ-07. Four-piston calipers stop the 282mm wave-style dual front disc brake while the rear brake uses a 245mm disc. ABS is offered as standard (at least, for the European model.)

Other features include aluminum fuel tank, fender and headlight, wide, tapered handlebars, mesh side panels, stubby exhaust and a claimed wet weight of 410 pounds.


Yamaha Motor Europe will offer the 2016 XSR700 in Forest Green or Garage Metal paint schemes. It’ll arrive in dealerships on the continent in November. Yamaha will also offer a number of accessories.

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  • Old MOron

    Whether you put this in the “News” section or the “Articles” section, I still want the same comparo. Put this up against Ducati’s Scrambler, please. And the water Bonnie when it gets here.

    Crap, I’m talking about the end of the year already. Oh well, it’s always summer here in SoCal.

  • Kenneth

    Certainly not a “pretty” bike, by any stretch (unlike its supposed inspiration, the XS650), but I like its FZ-07 base, with more-upright ergonomics and a comfortable-looking seat. I wonder if Yamaha will bless us, in the U.S., with ABS?

    • indyogb

      Yeah, it’s pretty busy with stuff going everywhere. However, it is much better looking than the FZ-07. If Yamaha brings this to the states within the next year, this will be my next bike. It’s the FZ-07 that hasn’t hit every branch while falling out of the ugly tree.

      • Goose

        Probably a great bike to ride but I’m not even sure it is better looking than the FZ-07.
        I know the Japanese are tying (and failing) to get the Millennials but do they have to say F-U to the old folks that want a bike with some unity and flow in the design? Come Yamaha, just one 07 or 09 for people with traditional tastes, a useful fuel range, decent ergos and the other stuff the people who actually buy bikes want.

        • Kenneth

          I’ve read that Yamaha is working on an FJ-07; if it’s similar to the FJ-09, that will give us the half-fairing to help cover the oversized-looking radiator (and add comfort at speed) and smooth the lines.

          • Goose

            If it is as ugly as the FJ-09 it will not be an improvement.

    • BryanB_Raleigh

      I’m pretty much right there with you on everything but if any of their new bikes under 800cc are a hint it probably won’t have ABS in the U.S., and that’s been getting to me. I have been seriously interested in a lot of new bikes from Yamaha like the R3, FZ-07, and possible FJ-07, but not having ABS has just been a deal breaker for me. I have a weekend bike that I can go have fun on without ABS but have been thinking about getting a new commuter. A bike I ride every day with the crazies out there just has to have it IMO, and I’m still kind of a new rider so having it just eases my mind that little bit more.

    • mickedard

      You’re so right Kenneth, I didn’t even think about what the old bike was, but then they flashed it in the video, my eye jumped to it immediately, what a beautiful bike! I have ridden the old 650 for a long period of time, and never thought much about the bike, not that I didn’t like the bike it wasn’t mine, in my mind it was transportation, and I was grateful for it. But when I returned to my Honda 500-4, I never thought about the Yamaha again. Which is what seeing the XS650 has done, I won’t think about the XSR700 again, it’s ugly.

    • Bob Ratcaf

      You are right. This is waaaaay off the mark for a pretty retro-modern bike. Not even close to the same league as the Duc or Triumph Scramblers. Why didn’t they do something about that wind pane of a radiator? Ugly as all hell. No flow, no harmony, looks like a freaken Giger sci-fi bike!

  • Jake

    I really hope they bring this thing to the states. I would buy it before the tires hit the lot of the dealership.

  • SRMark

    I may end up buying one of these and I’m a baby-boomer. But with this bike in one’s history can’t something as good looking be whipped up?

    • Bmwclay

      Nice pic, beautiful bike. But………….Have you ever ridden this bike? It vibrated like a tuning fork (get it?). One 5 minute ride convinced my wife to never get on it again. That being said, she loved the Norton, smooth as glass, and much faster.

      • SRMark

        I don’t want the new Yamaha to ride like the XS but I would like it to look a bit more like it. Gotta love what Norton did with that isolastic frame.

        • Michael White

          My XS650 was great fun around town but all in all it was a downgrade from my RD400. I often cursed the day I traded. My Radian was terrific but nothing has ever been better than the RD400. This doesn’t look quite as nice but I am warming up to it. It’s going to be hard for me not to buy.

          • SRMark

            Gotta agree on the RD. My brother had an R5, which I thought was amazing until I got an RD400 a few years later in ’76. Just an all-around good bike and not hard to look at. I do miss that one.

      • aeon888

        I thought they already are selling the SR400 which basically has the same looks as the bike on the pic.

    • aeon888

      They also have the XR400 available which looks like that bike in the pic.

      • SRMark

        I have an SR500. It indeed is a close relative of the XS school of design. The Bolt could also easily be made into a beautiful standard using XS or SR design clues. Yamaha’s Sakura design exercise a few years back was ok in my book. Coulda used an isolastic-mounted or counter-balanced XS style engine in it though. The hipster influence, although a bit much for my tastes, is bringing back some solid designs. With very few full-on sport bike designs coming across as eye-pleasing and even fewer cruiser stylings worthy of the Guggenheim/MOMA, I welcome this breath of fresh (old?) air blowing around the motorcycle industry.

    • Ducati Kid


      A XSR700 based ‘Homage’ Concept motorcycle celebrating YAMAHA’S Sixty (60) Years of Moto Sport participation.

      Besides, my friend still has his original YAMAHA XS-650!

      • Ducati Kid

        To all,

        Thanks for the positive commentary elsewhere!

        A YAMAHA ‘XSR700’ Concept motorcycle, now titled appropriately, including recommended revisions.

        Enjoy and pray Japan views this evolved design then turns it to Metal!

    • Bruce Steever

      Because it’s ugly and old, and it’s time has passed decades ago?

      • SRMark

        I just like the way it looks. I hope your stress levels return to normal soon.

      • Patrick Madden

        It’s not ugly, it looks classic to me, but to each their own.

  • Jonathan Hatfield

    I want to love it… It is the bike I wanted on paper. I like the FZ-07 a lot, I just think I have outgrown the modern futuristic looking bikes that are being made these days. I wanted a bike with that motor, but more traditional and “timeless” looks. Example: Early Ducati Monsters look far better than the current models. They have a timeless appeal. The FZ-07 doesn’t, and unfortunately neither does this. I want to love it, but it looks really busy and that radiator looks slapped on and just sticks out like a sore thumb. If they bring it to the US I will take a hard look at it, but I’m leaning classic Monster right now.

    • siempremirando

      100% agree !!!

  • octodad

    retro??? nice sport bike, but not old school. the seating position is for young (flexible)people. alloy wheels and modern disc’s are functional and modern. not complaining, remember riding a Trump w/ cable actuated brakes. great to be able to stop….

  • throwedoff

    A real XS doesn’t have a fuel tank that sits on and above the frame backbone. The fuel tank should straddle the backbone. I also looked long and hard at the photos of this bike, but the one thing that kept pulling my eyes back to it was the fuel tank! That tank with those two little protuberances at the front on each side. It just doesn’t work for me. Yeah, Yeah. I know all about the trellis frame (semi-trellis), but that tank just doesn’t work. It doesn’t flow. It doesn’t fit. It just looks weird like some type of deformed coffin.

    • Glenn

      Yeah….thing is it’s not an XS.

      • Ducati Kid


        It can only hope to be successful like the original ‘XS’ series was!

        Sadly, today’s Global motorcycle sales are a pittance of their former numbers.

        PRICE rules no matter the dubious motorcycle to which it refers too explaining the XSR!

        Consider the moniker – XSR?

        Following Japanese corporate logic – ‘XS’ Series,”R’etrospect product.

        • Glenn

          Yeah I’m old enough to remember when no one wanted an XS because they were seen as a copy of Brit twins.
          The idea of the Cycle Industry naming is great in theory but in my experience the letters on a bike model bear absolutely no relation to anything at all.
          What do you think XS might have stood for?
          And why do we have this idea that a Japanese designer,Japanese engineers and a Japanese corporation would use English language to name their prototypes?
          I hope the XSR is successful it’s pretty much what I’d be looking to buy new,a low maintenance twin with decent power,reliability and economy.
          But for me it needs decent pillion accommodation so the Wee-Strom is still ahead.
          They are both ugly but I figured out a long time ago that I can’t see it if I’m riding it.

          • Ducati Kid


            Apologies for the delay, researching YAMAHA’S ‘XS’ origin.

            My thought – ‘X (Experimental) S (Four-Stroke)’ perhaps?

            Reasoning – this specific motorcycle represented YAMAHA’S first foray in Four-Stroke motorcycle manufacture.

            Iwata reportedly purchasing Japanese manufacturer SHOWA (HOSK) to acquire their evolved 500cc Twin cylinder, Four-Stroke European (HOREX) inspired ware.

            Read elsewhere of a TOYOTA 2000GT influence also.

            Industry tidbit, my older Brother had a 1968 SUZUKI ‘Cobra’ (500/5) motorcycle heavy in European flavor.

            My motorcycle technical ‘Guru’ associate said the FZ-07 based ‘XSR700’ is a much better motorcycle than ANY ‘XS’ Series product as it’s absent high speed instability.

  • GuyLaFarge

    Looks like most everything was stuck on as an afterthought. And I thought the radiators on the new water-cooled Harley 500’s and 750’s were “too much”. There’s got to be a better way of applying “organic design” to bikes so that the radiator ISN’T the predominant visible feature. Nice 1st attempt, now sharpen your pencils, Yamaha Engineers, and try, try again.

  • C. Walker Jr.

    A hair more tail, a smidge more swingarm and an additional couple fistfulls of tank.

    Boom: instant middleweight urbancool street-tourer. Add bags as per you liking.

  • siempremirando

    Nice buy with ABS IMO, own a 360 scrambler years ago in the exact green color…Great memories, but must wait for MSRP & ETA !

  • mog

    The old XS650 was a really nice machine.

    The XSR700 appears PRE-CRASHED. Which allows the new owner to point to their new wrist cast and taped up rib cage underneath a torn T-shirt and tattered pants (fake to go with the bike’s design). No more posers here with this new Yammy, when you can claim you were taken out by The Doctor himself in a duel on No-Mercy Drive, Anywhere, USA.

    Yes indeed a real ‘oh honey, you are so brave’ girl getter at the local bike scene.
    This bike has no redeeming visual quality and was designed by the Executive Board of Yamaha. As an industrial designer of some years….. this bike is just pathetic.

  • BryanB_Raleigh

    I feel like just painting the radiator black would make the whole bike look so much better, but maybe they tried this already? Seems like a small price to pay for such a huge gain, oh well, maybe they’ll get it better on the FJ-07.

  • Michael White

    I think the Bolt is much better styled. The only thing I don’t like with the Bolt is the funky exhaust and the kinked frame tubes. This would be the best street bike in the world if only it had classic, simple shapes. The kinked seat, the huge headlight, the odd side panels are all just a little off for me.

  • Reid

    Cynical me: what a lame hipster video, what a shallow attempt to play into the hipster biker demographic

    Honest me: I wish every manufacturer had a motorcycle that looked like this, I wish Yamaha had a FZ-09 that looked like this.

  • Lamaur Cheetum

    the bike is nice

  • TM G

    I really like this bike but I’m not a European step-child. S&#%w Yamaha!