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Custom bikes are machines that have been highly stylized by its owner or by a small-scale manufacturer. Unlike mass-produced motorcycles, customs may be totally unique or produced in very limited quantities. The bikes of choice for radical customization are built in the cruiser mold but to an intense level of fabrication and utilization of one-off pieces, including the basic frame and chassis. Recently, the same kind of customization and personalization has also been applied to sportbikes, with a heavy accent on chrome, extended swingarms and pounds of bling. Some large manufacturers use the word ‘custom’ as part of a mass-produced model name, which actually just confuses the issue.

2008 Travertson V-REX Review

Looking like a refugee from a sci-fi movie, the amazing V-REX is just what you need if you're not getting enough attention.

Poggipolini NCR Millona

In this day and age of readily-available high-performance sportbikes it's nice to know that you can still come by a hand-built Italian stallion.

Bartels' XLR 1200

Not many things have stayed the course of American racing for twenty five years - but one of the most successful will soon rack up a quarter century of race wins.

1997 Bimota 500 V Due

Early next year a milestone will be written into the history books when series production starts on the first two-stroke motorcycle in more than 10 years to meet the EPA requirements of all 50 states in the USA, and anywhere else in the world

Corbin Valkyrie Custom

When Honda introduced the F6 Valkyrie earlier this year, they set the motorcycle cruising world on its ear -- no one had ever attempted such a bold departure from the traditional air-cooled V-twin formula

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