When Content Editor Tom Roderick tested Polaris’ new three-wheeled Slingshot, he noted how it would surely offer the Can-Am Spyder some competition. The two brands are, after all, big competitors in the off-road utility vehicle business, and the Slingshot takes their rivalry to a three-wheeled street battleground. Can-Am, and its parent company, Bombardier Recreational Products, aren’t just going to stand pat with its seven-year-old Spyder platform however, as new spy photos reveal a brand new model is on the way.

The photos reveal a new sleeker second-generation Can-Am Spyder out testing near the home of a supplier company in Germany (which would explain why the rider is carrying an open laptop in front of him; don’t try this at home kids!) Despite the camouflage, we can make out the brand new bodywork. The front end is also significantly different from the current model, with a lower profile and a large air intake.

The headlights have a new, sleeker shape, while two auxiliary lights are mounted higher and further back than on the current model. The tail section is also new, with updated seats and passenger grab rails. Below the seat we can see a new swingarm design and beside it, a stubbier exhaust.


The latest edition of the Spyder is more elemental than the fully faired previous versions, allowing us a look at the Rotax 1330 ACE three-cylinder engine that debuted last year in the 2014 Spyder RT. As Scott Rousseau noted in his review of the 2014 models, the new Triple is a significant improvement over the 998cc Rotax V-Twin powering previous models, boasting significant gains in both torque and horsepower. We’ll assume the motor in this new model will crank out numbers similar to the RT’s 115 hp and 96 ft.-lb. of peak torque.


The new Spyder shown in these photographs is clearly near the end of its development phase. so we’ll definitely learn full details about it in the next month or two as we head into the motorcycle show season.

081414-2015-can-am-spyder-second-generation-spy-02 081414-2015-can-am-spyder-second-generation-spy-03 081414-2015-can-am-spyder-second-generation-spy-04 081414-2015-can-am-spyder-second-generation-spy-05 081414-2015-can-am-spyder-second-generation-spy-06 081414-2015-can-am-spyder-second-generation-spy-07 081414-2015-can-am-spyder-second-generation-spy-08 081414-2015-can-am-spyder-second-generation-spy-11 081414-2015-can-am-spyder-second-generation-spy-12 081414-2015-can-am-spyder-second-generation-spy-01

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  • Kevin

    The brake pedal appears to be at a very awkward angle from the peg

  • Chris_in_Kalifornia

    That grill reminds me of the new Dodge pickup. I was thinking it’s pretty ugly but maybe not, will have to see it without the shrouds in place. The muffler is fugly as is the swing arm. The rider sure didn’t look comfy either but maybe that’s because he’s trying to balance a laptop while riding. Should have put the darned thing in a pocket on the shroud if they need him to have it on there while testing the bike if only for safety reasons.

    Still don’t see how the Polaris will be in the same market as the Can Am. They’re as different as 3 wheelers could be and still have dual front wheels. Can Am = Motorcycle, Polaris = 3 wheeled car ala Morgan but without the wooden frame.

    Have to agree with Keven below about the brake pedal, AWKWARD!!! Plus the cruiser seat/pedals ergonomics are a negative to me. Mount the rider pegs just slightly below the current passenger pegs and move those back about 18″ and I’d be good with it. But I’ll never be able to afford one so don’t pay any attention to my rants. Maybe I can afford a 2012 model in about 5 years.

  • Auphliam

    First two shots in that sequence, the rider has spotted the photog. I imagine that’s why he appears to have the throttle pinned in the passing shots.

    Not quite sure why, but these things just never really appealed to me. Seemed like the answer to the question nobody asked. Oddly enough, I would buy the Slingshot in a heartbeat if I could afford it. Go figure LOL