This showed up at the Osaka Motorcycle Show last month, Honda’s existing CB1100 all dolled up in a very upscale way, bobbed out back and minus its passenger seat. The gas tank’s been replaced by an aluminum one, minus the typical seam and maybe a little bigger capacity. The swingarm is a big boxy unit swinging from Öhlins shocks, and it’s packing a modern radial tire on a 17-inch wheel just like the front. Also in front are a chunkier fork, bigger brakes and a swell LED headlight. Spent exhaust gases exit via Over Racing system.


Look out Thruxton! If Honda ever actually produced anything this cool anymore we wouldn’t know how to act.




  • Old MOron

    Hey JB, you’d better tell Dennis to keep his nose clean.

    • john burns

      dammit! He beats me to everything… o well, worth seeing 2x.

  • Sentinel

    The valve service intervals on that engine make it a no go for anyone who actully “rides” their bike.

    • I looked it up–every 7500 miles (12,000 km). Didn’t the old 750 Nighthawk have hydraulic lifters?

      • Campisi

        When the 1100s first came out, the stated valve check interval was laughably conservative, which scared a lot of people off. Took a year or two of owners going 10,000 miles or more between checks without needing adjustments for everyone to remember that it’s a low-stress Honda design.

      • Sentinel

        It did.

    • Tinwoods

      Why a Ducati has never been a member of my stable. They’re not made for daily riding, just weekend warrior-ing.

  • Born to Ride

    I hate Honda so much. So much wasted talent.

    • Tinwoods

      Moto-racist. But I’m the same way with Harley’s.

      • Born to Ride

        If by feeling the “same way” you mean that you wish Harley would grow a pair and start manufacturing the beautiful concept bikes that they design for motorcycle shows instead of building bland and watered down versions for moto-utilitarians that have no need for excitement from their bikes, then yes, we feel the same way.

  • Kenneth

    It seems like Honda is forever bound to its Inline-4s for this style of bike (as is Kawasaki, these days), when a triple certainly gets the job done with less complexity and weight, along with a powerband better-suited, naturally, for the street. Right?

  • Greybeard1

    Why bother when they proposed pure sex on a stick already?!

  • Mike Morrill

    Would look better with a 4 into 1 exhaust.