When you’re an amateur racer, you fight for everything. You fight to be able to afford to make it to the next round, you fight to get your name in front of factory sponsors and you fight just to make it to the main event. Tyler Enticknap is an amateur Supercross racer who was poised to make the first main event of his career when he got tangled up with Devin Raper at the East Rutherford New Jersey round of the Monster Energy Supercross.

Raper’s leg managed to get caught in the swing-arm of Enticknap’s motorcycle, stalling Enticknap long enough that another racer was able to make it by and earn the final transfer spot. It’s a heartbreaking situation for Enticknap while at the same time, incredibly scary to think what could have happened to Raper’s leg because of the location it was caught. Thankfully he walked away with no injuries.

  • Scott Silvers

    Raper got all crossed up in that sand – out of control, going diagonal in an attempt to stay upright – – until the inevitable collision. Thinking about it too much on the last lap leads to mistakes – this one’s a doozy. At least he made the news!

  • elgar

    well…he was encouraged to go out there and ‘break a leg’….

  • “alpinestars…we keep your foot attached”

  • Craig Hoffman

    Holy crap, how Frustrating for Enticknap. That is terrible. Hoping he makes it to the main next time – the guy has been trying for so long.