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53 in Pennsylvania
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HC 87 Box 2 Route 940
Pocono Lake, Pennsylvania

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Pocono Motorsports Reviews Write A Review

Ashley (I am a Customer)
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May. 02, 2016
If I could give zero stars I would. My 2000 EZ go golf cart would not start. I myself changed the oil, oil filter, fuel, added water to battery, charged battery, pretty much all the basics that one could do without tools. Then resorted to Pocono Motor sports because my deceased father had used them once back in 2012 for the same issue and the bill was about $390s. I figured that was doable. They picked up the golfcart on Wednesday and days go by that I don't hear anything from them. On Saturday I give them a call knowing that parts and services is closed on Sunday and Monday(found that out the hard way the week before) they haven't even looked at it yet! Okay..... So comes Tuesday and of course I have to call them because they don't seem to call customers and they yes they do have the list of things that the cart needs but no price to tell me? That's needs to be "looked up" and would get back to me later in the evening or tomorrow (Wednesday which at that point makes it a whole week that they have had the golf cart!!) of course no call on Wednesday and I am busy at work so the day comes and goes. Thursday I give them a call and he gives me the price of $1,100!!!!!!! Are they outtaaaa their mindsss??! I could get a whole new golf cart for that price! I ask them why so much?! And upon further investigation of the cart they found that I needed a new carbonator that it was a serious problem. Call back the next day to inform them I will not be able to pay that price and need to have it brought back to me. I get transferred from one person to another because it seems like with all the people they have working there only 1 person knows anything. That 1 person is unavailable right now but will call back (we already know how that goes) I give him a half hour, call back, that 1 person answers the phone but cannot give me the price at that moment. He needs to call me back because he is in a "meeting". Beyond frustrated at this point. 1 hour after, I ecall back again because I am not letting another day go by! And another gentleman answers the phone, I don't even ask for that 1 person I just inquire with him how much it would be. First thing he asks "if I want to trade it in?" Did he not hear me say delivery??! He gives me the total of $195 for pick up, delivery and "diagnostics", what Bologna!! But at this point I just want my golf cart back and to get rid of them from my worries. I tell him okay I'll give you my card number. And I get oh no I can't do that, only that 1 person takes payments??! Absurd! I tell him I have been waiting for this one person for 2 hours! And you've had my cart for over a week! Apologies apologies. Finally this one guy calls me and let's me know "my total is $203 and change. What happened to $195???! Who told you that? Umm the last guy I spoke to! Puts me on hold and then comes back with oh okay it's $193 and change". Why do all the numbers change constantly???!!!! Pay him because I am sick of them. Get my golf cart back the next day, not the way they received it! Oil box completely open, oil filter out, oil spilling. Unbelievable I tell you. Don't ever use these people unless you have money to throw away, time to chase them, and possibly no attachment to your golf cart.

P. S I got my golf cart picked up, fixed, and delivered within 3 days and for the price of $295 from J and R Custom golf carts. Amazing service!!! 1-570-689-4719 is their number. Call them first!!!!
jason gonzalez (I am a Customer)
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Dec. 19, 2013
I called to have a-atv repair in the middle of me getting info a big fat guy who works there hang the phone up on me. So I went and had the bike towed to the center. I called to check up some little short guy stated yelling at me that the bike will not be done for 3to4 weeks. them the next day pocono motor sports called me to say they can't fix it. lol!!' this place sucks BIG TIME!!!' I will not trust this company to sell me a cup of water...
JOHN K (I visited this Dealer)
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Jul. 30, 2013
ANTOINE THOMPSON (I am a Customer)
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Dec. 28, 2012
do use these people they are very nasty after they sell you there stuff the owner is very nasty DO NOT GO THERE THEY ARE CROOKS RUN AWAY GO SOME PLACE ELSE FIND ANOTHER DEALER YOU WILL BE SORRY RUN AWAY BEWARE BEWARE BEWARE