Lou Reed – “New Sensations”

Lou Reed Helmet

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Aside from being one of the most influential musicians of our time, Lou Reed was an avid motorcyclist. Once, when asked (during an interview on KCRW in Santa Monica, CA) what he would like to do if he could change his life in any way, Reed responded that he would like to be a motorcycle roadracer. “New Sensations,” the title track of Reed’s 1984 album, may not have the driving beat or raucous guitar that many riders think make a great motorcycle song. Instead, Reed sings in a reserved tone about the issues of adult life – none of which sound particularly appealing.

Not until just over three minutes into the song does Reed reveal that “New Sensations” is really a 5:45 minute love song to his motorcycle. Beginning with the lines “I took my GPz out for a ride/The engine felt good between my thighs,” Reed takes us on a ride into the mountainous Delaware Gap. However, what seals “New Sensations” standing as the best motorcycle song of all time is the closing lines of the song: “I love that GPZ so much, you know that I could kiss her.”

Yeah, Lou, we understand.