10. Pro Honda Spray Cleaner & Polish, $6

Pro Honda Spray Cleaner

Not many manufacturers can say their product is the industry standard, but Honda could say that about the Pro Honda Spray Cleaner & Polish without being guilty of hyperbole. This detailer in a can has the moxie to cut through dried on bugs and chain lube an a multitude of other forms of mung that can stick to your motorcycle’s finish. Once the solvents have gotten rid of the crud, the polishers add a silky shine. And it works on chrome, glass, paint, and plastic (even clear plastic). Any cleaner and polish that is so loved that it can be found in the pits of factory race teams for marques that don’t begin with H has got to be pretty dang good. And it even smells good, too. Look for it at your local Honda dealer or motorcycle shop.