7. Bultaco

Bultaco Motorcycle Logo

In a very Ferrari vs Lamborghini way, Bultaco was born from the scorn of rejection. When in 1958 Montesa removed itself from Grand Prix competition one of its founding members, Francisco “Paco” Bulto, left to form his own motorcycle company. The Bultaco name came by way of suggestion from Bulto’s business associate and top road racer, Johnny Grace, to combine Francisco’s last name, Bulto, with his nickname, Paco.

Although the company produced both on- and off-road bikes (winner of three consecutive 50cc Grand Prix world titles) Bultaco is best known for its trials models, especially the Sherpa T. The GOAT of Trials, Sammy Miller, road the Sherpa to a win in its inaugural race in 1965 and finished the year by taking the British Trials Championship. Bultaco went on to dominate Trials competitions for the next 15 years. But like the rest of the OEMs in this list, no matter the success, continuity wasn’t in the cards for Bultaco, and it ceased production first in 1979, then, after a brief reprise from 1980 to 1983, closed its doors again permanently.