Living is fraught with risk. Every being spends the bulk of its existence simply trying to keep living. Every critter sees itself at the top of its personal food chain until, one day it comes face-to-face with an even bigger, hungrier one. Or maybe it’s just a boulder rolling down a hill.

Fortunately, our ancestors struggled hard to get to the top of the heap on this chunk of space rock. So, now our focus has the luxury of turning towards managing the risk of activities that add quality to our lives rather than merely sustaining it. For us, here at MO, motorcycles form the primary focus in our lives – once we get beyond sustenance and procreation. So, here we’ve collected 10 things that will help protect you against injury. Most of these are tangible items you could actually hold in your hands. Some, however, are impossible to physically quantify. Still, they’ll keep you happily riding for many years.