4. 1979 Honda Gold Wing

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1979 Honda Gold Wing

To hell with those bearded, skinny jeans-wearing, wannabe hipsters and their CB450 Twins. Nothing says true hipsterism more than the original Gold Wing. More of super-standard than today’s uber-tourers, the original Wing was a fairingless mileage-gobbler powered by 999cc flat four-cylinder producing around 78 horsepower (pretty good for the day). This naked 1979 model is the perfect blank canvas for the creative hipster to transmogrify into his personal rolling definition of a cool motorcycle. This particular example has only 18,000 miles on the clock, which averages to only 514 miles per year. Talk about hardly used! According to the current owner, this bike is currently serviced, ready to ride and could be yours for the appropriate price of $1,979.