7. 1977 Yamaha XS360 Cafe Racer

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1977 Yamaha XS360 Cafe Racer

Earlier this year, in our Lightweight Naked Shootout, we tested, among others, the Royal Enfield Continental GT and the Yamaha SR400. Two bikes that wish they could be this, a Yamaha XS360 cafe racer, straight from 1977. The seller says, “the bike starts, runs, rides and stops very well with no leaks or issues.” Considering it only has 5,428 miles, we’re inclined to believe him. We only have the pictures to judge from, but the paint appears to be in nice condition considering the bike is 37 years old, though there’s apparently a few cracks on the right side according to the seller, “mbess81.” Still, we dig how clean this XS360 is and think the cafe mods are well done. If the styling isn’t your thing, mbess81 says all the cafe racer mods can easily be reversed without any cutting. Offered at $1,977.00, we like that the owner decided to price it the same as its birth year.