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April 10, 2014
| On 8 years ago

Top 10 Significant Motorcycles Designed By Massimo Tamburini

This week’s Top 10 celebrates the work of Massimo Tamburini, who died Sunday from complications due to lung cancer. An undisputed legend in motorcycling, any discussion regarding the most beautiful motorcycle ever will undoubtedly feature a Tamburini design.

Passing of a legend: Massimo Tamburini 1943-2014

Indeed, ranking all of Tamburini’s designs would be a tough order, but here we’ve compiled 10 of his masterpieces. Some of them have been smashing successes, while others could be considered utter failures. But they were all significant in one way or another. Undoubtedly there are some models missing from the list – that’s just the nature of these things – so we invite you to list your own favorites from the massive Massimo Tamburini body of work in the comments section below.