Top 10 Reasons Why Women Should Become Motorcyclists

Tom Roderick
by Tom Roderick
top 10 reasons why women should become motorcyclists

There’s all kinds of reasons why we ride motorcycles, and everyone who does ride claims ownership of a few of these reasons. But there’s an increasing amount of female motorcyclists with uniquely feminine reasons for riding motorcycles. In celebration of July being Women’s Motorcycling Month, we comprised a list of reasons why women should become motorcyclists. Just remember, ladies, this list was written by a man (who really tried not to mess it up too badly), so an open mind and a sense of humor is encouraged.

10. Do Something Most Females Don’t

top 10 reasons why women should become motorcyclists, Photo by Lanakila MacNaughton
Photo by Lanakila MacNaughton

According to Motorcycle Industry Council stats, women comprise 12.3% of the motorcycling population. That’s up from 9.6% in 2003, 8.2% in 1998 and 6.4% in 1990. A growing trend, but still a minority, so you can get ahead of the curve before, as with neck tattoos, it becomes too much of a fashion trend. If motorcycling turns out not to be your cup of tea, it’s a lot easier to get rid of a motorcycle than a neck tattoo.

Photo by Lanakila MacNaughton

9. Stock Up On Leather Apparel

top 10 reasons why women should become motorcyclists

Apparel manufacturers have made great strides when it comes to motorcycle gear for women that’s protective, fashionable, comfortable and flattering. From Brigitte Bardot to Miley Cyrus, leather never goes out of fashion, and there’s always a sale to be found.

8. Men Dig Women Who Ride

top 10 reasons why women should become motorcyclists

Especially when a woman rides as well as Leah Petersen. Her skillset is above that of most motorcyclists whether they be men or women. She’s certainly an inspiration for all female motorcyclists, but riding no-handed wheelies isn’t necessary when it comes to earning respect. Mastering the fundamental operation of riding a motorcycle is a practice in which only a small percentage of the general population and even smaller percentage of women participate.

7. Reveals Men With Ego Problems

top 10 reasons why women should become motorcyclists

For all the single ladies: Motorcycle riding will immediately expose any male pattern insecurities. Progressive men are accepting of, as well as attracted to, the female empowerment riding a motorcycle brings. You should never have to choose between your love of motorcycling and the love of a man.

6. It’s Riding A Motorcycle – Everyone Should Do It

top 10 reasons why women should become motorcyclists

Want to improve your driving skills and keep your family safe when shuttling them to and fro in the minivan? Riding a motorcycle increases your road awareness, sharpens your senses and quickens your reaction times – skills that transfer to driving four-wheel vehicles, which, in turn, make you a better, safer driver. If everyone rode motorcycles, we’d have a country of skilled automotive drivers.

5. Be the Be The Coolest Soccer Mom Around

top 10 reasons why women should become motorcyclists

There’s nothing wrong with being a soccer mom, but don’t let that one aspect define your life. While four wheels and five doors are often a necessary convenience, there’s no substitute for two wheels. You’ll be the toast of the PTA once the kids and their parents learn about your proclivities for action and adventure aboard a two-wheeler.

4. Reduce Wrinkles, Tone Your Thighs And Firm Your Buttocks

top 10 reasons why women should become motorcyclists

That may be somewhat misleading, but motorcycling is a great way of getting some low-impact exercise. Controlling a motorcycle requires the frequent use of many different muscles. Anyone who’s ridden a motorcycle knows it takes effort to balance and steer even a light motorcycle. Motorcycle operation also promotes healthy brain activity and is great practice for maintaining a youthful disposition.

3. Be An Inspiration To Other Women

top 10 reasons why women should become motorcyclists

While riding a motorcycle isn’t equivalent to the efforts of Amelia Earhart or Rosa Parks, it is a persona to which women can aspire to own. Being a motorcyclist represents a combination of self-confidence, adventurism, daring, individualism, etc. As a female motorcyclist you’ll be aware of many women you inspire, but, rest assured, there’ll be numerous women for whom you’ll never realize your average Sunday afternoon ride inspired them to get a bike of their own.

2. Be Sexier, Happier And More Confident

top 10 reasons why women should become motorcyclists

A Harley-Davidson press release from last December surveyed 1,013 U.S. adult female riders and 1,016 U.S. adult female non-riders. Of those surveyed, the report found that:

  • 37 percent of riders vs 16 percent of non-riders always feel happy.
  • 27 percent of riders vs 7 percent of non-riders always feel sexy.
  • 35 percent of riders vs 18 percent of non-riders always feel confident.
  • 51 percent of riders vs 35 percent of non-riders were content with their physical intimacy.

The survey also reported that 34 percent of women riders feel “less stressed.” Whether that’s due to motorcycle riding or the improvement in physical intimacy with their significant other is up for debate.

1. For The Same Reason Men Do, Because It’s F’ing Awesome

top 10 reasons why women should become motorcyclists

Put aside all the men are from Mars, women are from Venus stuff, and view motorcycling with androgynous eyes. It’s a sport, a recreation, a spiritual experience, an immersement into your surroundings all in the same moment. There’s untold reasons why people ride motorcycles, but take all the justifications away and you’re left with one simplicity: motorcycling is a life experience unlike any other. Life’s short, so get riding.

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