9. Really Good Helmets


Probably nothing has done more to make motorcycling survivable more than modern helmets, specifically modern full-face helmets. The first one I remember was a Bell my boss at Allen’s Drive-In used to ride up on his Yamaha GT380 with his non-opening faceshield totally fogged up. The full-face helmet evolved into the modular, or flip-face helmet when Schuberth built the first one for BMW in the late ’70s. There’s no helmet I’d currently rather ride in than my Shoei Neotec modular, in which I can go from 0 to 100 and back to coffee/donut-gargling in under 15 seconds.

Shoei Neotec Helmet Review

What’s next? Lighter shells using carbon-fiber and even lighter materials will cover new liners that better dissipate energy. It’s pretty amazing that we’re still using styrofoam-cooler material to protect our brains, isn’t it? Built-in surround-sound systems will be optional along with tiny air-conditioning units and rear-view cameras that project inside your Transitions shield. A scalp massager wouldn’t be a bad thing.