More Aussie audacity is seen in the Drysdale V8, which has roots that stretch back to 1997 when Ian Drysdale built a 750cc V-8 from a pair of Yamaha FZR400 cylinder banks said to produce 161 hp. Then, in a more-is-more attitude, Drysdale built a 1000cc version with FZR600 cylinders, increasing the bore and stroke from 56mm x 38mm to 62mm x 41mm and again mounting them on a sand-cast crankcase. More Yamaha components are found in the highly modified FZR1000 clutch and reworked YZF750 gearbox cluster.

Drysdale V8: A Closer Look

According to our Aussie correspondent, Jeff Ware, who wrote the above feature story, four Drysdale V8s have been purchased for around $80,000. Incredibly, the 750cc version seen in this photo and the below video was stolen from Drysdale’s shop and hasn’t resurfaced. Drysdale had hoped to build two more customer bikes, but we now see that his website is no longer active. The video below gives us an idea of how the flat-plane-crank Drysdale V8 sounds, even if it was revved to only 7000 rpm. We’d love to hear it at its 17,000-rpm redline!