Hopefully you’ll always be able to get your bike back to where a tow truck can get to it, but it’s a drag when you call the 800 number only to learn that your motorcycle and RV aren’t covered when it comes to towing (why they lump RVs and motorcycles in together, we know not). What? Yessir, towing comes with the Premium package, not the Plebeian one you’ve got. The Auto Club will be happy to add that coverage for a small fee, but it won’t be in effect for seven days. Which helps you not at all right now.

This applies equally well to pavement travel, of course. Paying a few extra bucks a year beats having to pay the tow truck man considerably more out of your own pocket. We can’t wait to have our new RV (the one in the lead photo) towed once our new coverage takes effect in seven days.