If cruisers are meant for, well, cruising, then that implies a cruiser should be able to travel in relative comfort. Consider the Suzuki Marauder the exception to the rule. It should have been a good motorcycle, with its inverted fork, 800cc V-Twin, chain drive, five-speed trans, and fresh looks. But the harsh reality was that it missed the mark. Nominated from the man currently setting up Motorcycle.com’s Sturgis, South Dakota post, Evans Brasfield, Fireball isn’t a fan of the Marauder, and neither were we when we tested it against its peers back in 1997. Evans wasn’t a part of that test, but he hates the Marauder’s seat “that lined up exactly with my coccyx.” The 1997 MO crew weren’t fond of their bike either, saying it started to irritate “in under five minutes.” To make matters worse, the Zook had terrible carburetion and uncomfortable ergos to go along with the awful seat.

Our apologies to Suzuki fans who have suffered the nomination of three bikes to this list. The barrage to your brand is now over.