Sharing the top spot on this list for cheapest street-legal motorcycle of 2017 with the Kymco K-Pipe is the SSR Razkull 125, though we put it at the numero uno position because we genuinely enjoyed riding it. For $2,000 you can get a fun and attractive 125cc playbike with a dollar left over. Pay no attention to the fact I’m wearing leathers and dragging a knee on the Razkull in the photo above, the thing to take away from the Razkull is that it’s supremely easy to ride and not the least bit intimidating. It’s also pretty stylish, too, with its mini Ducati Monster resemblance. Yes, its Chinese build quality means it’s not as well refined and put together like the Kawasaki or Honda, but it’s not half bad. Plus, for $2,000 does it really matter?