Many manufacturers have been making a big push lately to introduce new models that won’t take a massive bite out of your wallet. Makes sense, really, as our sport is still trying to recover from the darkest days of the economic meltdown. Since disposable income isn’t what it used to be, we’ve come up with a list of the 10 least expensive street-legal motorcycles you can buy in 2014.

Not surprisingly, none of these bikes come from Europe, nor do any have engines with more than two cylinders. As you’d expect, the reason why some of these bikes are so cheap is because many of them come from less-industrialized nations. That said, there are still a few bikes here from reputable companies we’d recommend if extremely cheap transportation is what you’re looking for. And if the ultra-cheap options here appeal to you, make sure they are EPA-legal in your state. 

Our list starts with the most expensive first, working our way to cheapest at numero uno. So what will four grand and some change get you? Read on to find out.