I’ll just skim the surface here to give you a brief overview. CE stands for the French phrase Conformité Européene, which literally translates to European Conformity. Just because the armor is CE rated doesn’t mean it’s for motorcycling. You’ll want to look for EN 1621 which designates the item is intended for motorcycling. EN 1621-1 is for limbs (shoulder, elbows, knees) and means no more than 35 kilonewtons of energy was transferred through the pad when tested for impact. For back protectors you will see EN 1621-2. Furthermore, with back protectors, you can look for the addition of Level 1 which means the pad has allowed no more than 18 kilonewtons of energy through when tested and Level 2 which only allows 9 kilonewtons to be passed through the pad. You may also see A or B, with B meaning the protector offers more coverage.