2009 Yamaha Zuma 125

2009 Yamaha Zuma 125 pictures, prices, information, and specifications.
Model Type
Generic Type (Primary)
Manufacturer Country
Introduction Year
Manufacturer Recommend Minimum Age
Parent Company
Display Name
Zuma 125
Engine Type
Engine Stroke
Valves Per Cylinder
Valve Configuration
Bore (mm/in)
52.4 / 2.07
Stroke (mm/in)
57.9 / 2.28
Displacement (cc/ci)
125 / 7.6
Compression Ratio
Fuel Requirements
US Miles Per Gallon (Combined)
Fuel Type
Fuel Injector
Carburetion Type
Fuel Injected
Transmission Type
Continuously Variable (CVT)
Primary Drive (Rear Wheel)
Primary Drive (Engine / Transmission)
Wheels Composition
Tube / Tubeless
Front Tire Width
Front Tire Aspect Ratio
Front Tire Speed Rating
Front Wheel Diameter
Rear Tire Width
Rear Tire Aspect Ratio
Rear Tire Speed Rating
Rear Wheel Diameter
Front Tire (Full Spec)
120/70 R12
Rear Tire (Full Spec)
130/70 R12
Front Brake Type
Hydraulic Disc
Front Brake Diameter (in/mm)
8.7 / 220
Rear Brake Type
Rear Brake Diameter (in/mm)
4.3 / 110
Front Suspension Type
Telescopic Fork
Front Suspension Size (in/mm)
1.1 / 27
Front Adjustable Fork Pre-Load
Front Adjustable Rebound Damping
Front Central Suspension Strut
Steering Damper
Rear Suspension Type
Twin Sided Swing Arm
Rear Adjustable Shock / Spring Pre-Load
Rear Adjustable Rebound Damping
Number Rear Shock Absorbers
Air Adjustable
Steering Control
Length (ft)
Width (in/mm)
30.1 / 764.5
Height (in/mm)
43.8 / 1112.5
Wheelbase (in/mm)
50.8 / 1290.3
Length (ft/ft)
Length (ft/in)
Fuel Capacity (gal/l)
1.6 / 6.1
Seat Type
Seat Material
Seat Location
Driver and Passenger
Seat Height (in/mm)
30.7 / 779.8
Number Of Seats
Grab Rail or Strap
Body Material
Floor Board Location
Driver and Passenger
Hand Grips
Chain Guard
Chassis Protectors
Drive Shaft Guard
Fork Guards
Saddle Bag Guard
Tank Guard
Hand Guards
Brush Guard
Heel Guards
Exhaust Guard
Light Guard
Radiator Cover
Fuel Tank Cover
Front Fender
Rear Fender
Stand Type
Center / Kick
Upper Fairing
License Plate
Trip Odometer
Fuel Level Warning Type
Warranty (Months/Condition)
12 / Limited
Battery Warranty (Months)
Rearview Mirrors
Underseat Storage
Lockable Storage
Rear Rack
Helmet Storage
Glove Box / Dash Storage
Headlight Mounts
Halogen Headlight (s)
Headlight (s)
Light Type
Handlebar Lock
User Reviews
20 reviews
  • Great for around town
    By  (I am an Owner) on Feb 19, 2016

    I love the Zuma 125. Yesterday, I bought another one, but a 2013 with only 300 miles on it. This newest one is Blue and my 2009 is Black in color. Doing a quick comparison, I'm thinking the 2009 is a bit quicker. Then again, it maybe the newer one isn't broken in at all. I put a windshield on ...

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  • Gas Tank
    By  (I am an Owner) on Jun 26, 2012

    I love the scooter, but I hate the location of the gas tank. It is hard to fill at home or at the pump. I'm thinking of trading it in just for that reason.

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  • Zuma 125 2009 Technical Review
    By  (I am an Owner) on Feb 12, 2012

    I have beed riding a Zuma 50cc for over a year. I always knew I would buy the 125 as soon as I got my motorcycle license. As soon as I rode the 125, I knew right away this was a superior motorcycle. It felt more like a 250cc as far as pickup and accelleration.

    There was little ...

    Suspension is rugged, as designed by Yamaha. The Zuma series of bikes are designed for bumps and rough roads. So, if you are looking for a smooth ride, this is not the bike for you. If you are looking for a bike that can take a lot of abuse, you are in the right park.

    Some draw backs: 1) gas spout is awkward (just like the sister 50cc). If you are not careful to watch the fill level, it spills out and then under the bike...weird design but it is accessible without lifting the seat up like the 50cc. 2) The seat is rather high for most riders, however, I am only 5'4" and I can put both toes on the ground safely at a stop. 3) steering is not as responsive as the 50cc. You "must" ride it to get used to it. 4) the seat lock does not align very well so, in some cases, it may take a few pushes to get it to latch shut. 5) battery consumption has been an issue with some reviewers. I too had this issue. Go to Harbor Freight and buy two items: a) a 12 volt trickle charger ($16.00) and a set of jumper cables ($15.00). Yes, you can jump a Zuma from a car.

    Not really a drawback, but somethign you should know. The Zuma 125 does not come with any accesssories. A windscreen is $129, a cup holder is $34, a rear rack bar is $84...etc.. So, be prepared to drop some bucks on the fun stuff.

    I would totally recommend this scooter if you are looking for something reliable and universal. One reviewer got 13k miles on his Zuma....so happy scooting for a long, long time.

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  • Perfect around town.
    By  (I am an Owner) on Oct 13, 2011

    Bought brand new in May, have put 2000 miles on. Love it, perfect scooter.

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  • Zuma Zoom
    By  (I am an Owner) on Jan 17, 2010

    I bought this primarily for my 18 year old daughter to take to college, but I had it around the house for a full 6 months. I let her pick the color and even though there were only 3 from which to choose, it took her 45 minutes! Love it! Some say it'll do 60 - I say it'll realistically cruise at 50-55 ...

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  • Going Green
    By  (I am an Owner) on Dec 08, 2009

    This is my first scooter and although I have nothing to compare it to, I love it.

    I'm not a very brave person; you can't even get me on a roller coaster and I bought this scooter with zero experience. It took MONTHS for my boyfriend to even talk me into riding it. Once I started moving ...

    I love that it has a trunk so I can store my helmet in there, or, when I am driving with the helmet on, I can have my purse in there...no need for a backpack. The only negative thing is the height of the seat. It took lots of practice to balance on one foot once stopped and the long stoplights are a killer. I'm only 5'4" and cannot touch the gound. The fact that it's "heavy" is nothing compared to a motorcycle and I have gotten used to the weight. The weight helps it handle better in the wind anyway.

    The color I selected was all black. There was a yellow and black one at the dealership too but the black one was easy access to sit on. I wanted the one I was sitting on! Wish I would have had the dealers move all those scooters out of the way so I could have sat on the yellow one because I wish that was the one I picked (to match my car, lol).

    I only put about 100 miles on it this year and plan on riding it much, much more next summer!

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  • Yamaha zuma 125 have its pros & con
    By  (I am an Owner) on Sep 12, 2009

    I had got the zuma 125 for my wife for Motherday,with in the three month of ownership the scooter had let me down.

    We live in Pennsylvania were the road's are sometime are bumpy. So when the scooter hit bump's it hits hard and the mirror start to spin on you. We try to fix the mirror ...

    The zuma cut off three time in the middle of traffic. NOW the clear coat of the frame is coming off. Warranty doesn't cover because they are claiming that some kind of chemcial was sprayed.

    I really like the Performance of the bike & style. Next year for Mother I'll just get her flowers.

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  • Stranded By My Zuma 125
    By  (I am an Owner) on May 15, 2009

    I'm a Zuma 125 owner and I like it. It's my first time owning a scooter. I use the Zuma 125 for travel to and from work. It has plenty of speed and performance for a scooter. However, it has stranded me twice! I live in Arizona and since it's starting to hit 100 degree tempatures this year my ...

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  • Great Scoot
    By  (I am an Owner) on May 07, 2009

    After a year recovering from a purchase of a 150cc Chinese scooter that wouldn't run right I finally dumped the thing and picked up the Zuma 125. Wow what a difference ! Solid,great ride, acceleration,gas mileage (first 2 mileage checks netted 100 MPG !) Can't say enough good things about this scooter. ...

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  • First scooter! Great choice!!
    By  (I am an Owner) on Apr 21, 2009

    This is the first scooter I have owned and I am sooo glad I went with this one. My choice was made after reading the reviews on this website. I have had it for about a month and I have put 500 miles on it so far. It is very quick and I usually have no problem getting to 50mph...and I have been able ...

    You won't be disappointed!!

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  • Zuma 125 is safer
    By  (I am an Owner) on Mar 24, 2009

    I live in Key West Fl. which allows me to ride yaer long. I have only put 10 miles on the new bike and can't believe how much safer i feel in traffic, That's right, this little 2 x 4 island has 5 1/2 million visitors a year. The traffic can be nauseating. I can now flow with anything on the road. ...

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  • High Quality Scoot
    By  (I am an Owner) on Jan 25, 2009

    I had made the mistake of buying a Chinese-made 50cc scoot and was immediately disappointed in every way possible, and got rid of it!

    My neighbor happens to own Yamaha dealership and introduced me to the Zuma 125. I was immediately taken by the contrast in quality, features, and performance. ...

    At 5'6" & 160lbs, it has as much speed as I want to handle for local commutes to work and play. My legs are a bit short when it comes to stopping- I have to tilt to one side; certainly not a flaw on Yamaha's part, more to do with genetics. Best advice I can give is don't make the mistake of buying ANY Chinese made scoot (they're all JUNK), spend a bit more for quality, dependability,and local service. It will also help support the local economy instead of supporting a nation quickly taking over every conceiveable product once made in America.

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  • jim
    By  (I am an Owner) on Jan 22, 2009

    i got my zuma in oct .this scooter is soooooo much fun .im 51 and feel like a kid wonderful

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  • Good for normal people.
    By  (I am an Owner) on Jan 18, 2009

    I'm a NORMAL size at 5'9" and 168 lbs and the Zuma flies down the road. If you live anywhere where you can get to work without taking the highway this is a must get! Small storage...

    I am actually a Vino125 owner but would switch if $$$ didn't matter.

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  • Worth every penny!
    By  (I am an Owner) on Jan 10, 2009

    I rode many scooters before I got the zuma 125. This is hands down the best scooter you can buy. Very stable at speed and accelerates better than most cars.

    I could have spent less but the cheap clone scooters just dont hold a candle to the zuma 125. Gas milage is all they claim ...

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  • Big boy technology in small package
    By  (I am an Owner) on Dec 26, 2008

    4-valve head, fuel injection, ceramic composite coated cylinder, this is what you get in a zuma 125. Performance rivaling a heavily modded gy6 150 clone with the reliability of a yamaha. Storage is somewhat lacking and the seat is a bit hard and grippy-rubber feeling. Overall this is the best small ...

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  • 2009 Vino Classic owner considering trading up to a Zuma125
    By  (I am an Enthusiast) on Dec 13, 2008

    I just test drove a 2009 Zuma 125 in Napa.I found the seat very comfortable. The seat position is a bit high, but I dealt with that by moving up on the seat at stops or tiliting to one side and one footing the stopped scooter. This is a very monor consideration.

    I was happy to see ...

    So with my new found confidence, I took it down the worst steet in town and thought "damn the torpedoes" and pitted the 2009 Zuma agianst the Napa potholes. They verdict from the judges is in;Zuma 10-potholes 0. The Zuma said to me through the handlebars,tires and shocks " Can I have some more, sir?"

    This is one fun scooter. In the next week or 2, I'll test drive the Vino 125 and determine if I really want a cute cruiser or bat out of hell. Stay tuned.

    La Dolce Vita in Napa

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  • Mostly great little scoot
    By  (I am an Owner) on Dec 06, 2008

    Very responsive, easy to handle, even better mpg than they claim. Only one nit, the seat is too hard, after about 25 miles my backside is letting me know it is time to rest. I'm 225, 6' and ride mostly in town, max speed 55 for short distance getting into town. This little thing could run 50 all ...

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  • Zuma 125
    By  (I am an Owner) on Nov 12, 2008

    I had a Honda Ruckus, But I am 250lbs so it was to slow.

    So when i got a Zuma 125 I was sooo

    happy! Fun, Fast, and Fun!!

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  • First time scooter owner
    By  (I am an Owner) on Nov 09, 2008

    This is the first scooter I have owned and it has been great for me. I ride it on surface roads, no highways, which rarely gets me above 50mph. The Zuma has speed to spare, even with my 240lbs frame and is as quick off the line as most cars which makes me feel comfortable driving in city traffic. ...

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