MO Tested: Reax Gloves, Jacket, And Jeans

Evans Brasfield
by Evans Brasfield

A new gear brand with surprisingly well thought out gear

Every now and then a new riding gear manufacturer enters the competitive motorcycle apparel market. Some grow while others wither and fade away. What typically separates the rising newcomer from the soon-to-be also-rans is usually quickly apparent in the form of missing necessary features or comfort issues when riding. Motorcycle gear places a high emphasis on function, and often, that function also dictates the styling. What if you’re looking for function with a less flashy style? Reax Motorcycle Gear may be what you’ve been looking for.

Developed by Comoto, the parent company of RevZilla and Cycle Gear, Reax appears to have benefitted from that lineage. After a couple months riding with a selection of Reax gear, if I had to sum up my experience with the products, my impression would be that it is well thought out, practical riding gear. In my time with the Jackson Sport Leather Jacket, the 215 Denim Riding Jeans, and the Castor Sport Leather Gloves, the items have, with one small exception, performed like products from a much more established brand.

Jackson Sport Leather Jacket – $429

Motorcyclists love their black leather jackets, and the Reax Jackson Sport Leather Jacket combines sportiness with a subtle style. Constructed in Vietnam from 1.2-1.4mm oiled buffalo leather, the Jackson offers the abrasion protection riders need. The reinforced double layers on the elbows – along with Superfabric inserts – cover SAS-TEC CE Level 2 armor, while the shoulders contain similar CE-protection in addition to padding.

Reax Jackson Sport Leather Jacket

Editor Score: 84.0%
Aesthetics 9.0/10
Protection 7.5/10
Value 8.5/10
Comfort/Fit 8.75/10
Quality/Design 9.0/10
Weight 8.5/10
Options/Selection 8.0/10
Innovation 7.5/10
Weather Suitability 8.5/10
Desirable/Cool Factor 8.75/10
Overall Score84/100

The leather on the front torso, upper arms, and on either side of the back is perforated to flow cooling air to the rider’s body. Arm and shoulder stretch inserts help keep the cut of the jacket slim without restricting movement when in a riding position.

The articulated sleeves feature zippered closures and neoprene comfort panels for a snug fit that is perfect for fitting under gauntlet gloves. The soft neoprene rims the entire circumference of the collar, preventing neck irritation during long hours in the saddle.

One of our favorite features of the Jackson is the waterproof chest pocket.

The exterior also includes two zipping hand-warmer pockets – one of which has a snapping key ring holder. The waist is adjustable via a pair of hook-and-loop fasteners. Finally, the upper chest, elbows, and back all have retro-reflective patches for nighttime conspicuity.

Comfort features include soft neoprene around the collar and on the outer edge of the sleeves. Precurved arms and stretch panels keep the Jackson from binding in the riding position.

The Jackson’s interior is equally well thought out. The liner is moisture-wicking fabric that draws sweat away from the rider, promoting cooling on hot days. The inner chest pocket is waterproof, giving riders a safe place to store a phone when caught in an unexpected shower. The two other interior pockets can hold small essentials. Additionally, two snapping, elastic belt loops keep the jacket from climbing up on the pilot’s back when in a sporty riding position. The only omission in the Jackson is the lack of a back protector in the pocket specifically designed for one. (The $30 Sedici Aria-Pro Back Protector fits perfectly, though.) A jacket in this price range should include a CE Level 2 back protector. This oversight is the only obvious miscalculation in an otherwise solid jacket.

The Jackson Sport Leather Jacket is available in black only in sizes S-3XL for $429 and can be bought directly from Cycle Gear here.

215 Denim Riding Jeans – $199

What can we say? Motorcyclists are like most people; they like wearing jeans. So, creating riding apparel that looks and (mostly) feels like jeans when off of the bike is a big deal. The Reax 215 Denim Riding Jeans are classically-styled, straight leg, 5-pocket jeans, and that’s what they look like, too. Where some manufacturers design technical riding gear made out of denim that doesn’t look like street clothes, Reax has crafted the 215s in such a way that only the slight break in the fabric as it flows over the removable (optional) Rokker D3O Knee Armor ($30) betrays their true function, protecting a rider’s legs.

Reax 215 Denim Riding Jeans

Editor Score: 82.0%
Aesthetics 9.0/10
Protection 7.5/10
Value 8.0/10
Comfort/Fit 9.0/10
Quality/Design 8.5/10
Weight 8.5/10
Options/Selection 8.0/10
Innovation 7.0/10
Weather Suitability 8.0/10
Desirable/Cool Factor 8.5/10
Overall Score82/100

The Reax 215 Denim Riding Jeans are made in Portugal and constructed out of 11.5 oz 100% cotton denim, which is why they mostly feel like your regular jeans. However, underneath the denim, in all the abrasion zones, a layer of aramid twill will keep the rough surface of pavement away from your skin long after the denim has given up. For increased durability, the key seams are also triple stitched. During hot weather, the aramid layers do not breathe as well as plain denim, so they are a little warmer but not unpleasantly so.

The 215s are only available with a 32-inch inseam, so riders with longer requirements are out of luck. Shorter riders can have the legs hemmed or roll them up, which reveals reflective fabric on the inner cuff. Alternatively, you can simply leave the legs alone, as the pants will naturally ride up once you’re moving. The waist sizing ranges from 28-42 inches, and the fit is similar to Levis zippered regular jeans.

The 215 Denim Riding Jeans can be bought directly from Cycle Gear here.

Castor Sport Leather Gloves – $89

The Castor Sport Leather Gloves are cleanly designed short sporty gloves. Constructed out of 0.8-0.9mm cowhide on the the back and tough goat leather on the palm, the Castor also features a high density flexible insert right where your palm would touch down in a tumble. Similarly, the outer edge of the pinky receives an additional layer of leather and padding. The backs of the fingers are protected by thermoplastic rubber while the knuckles benefit from leather-wrapped hard armor. The short wrist closure is secured with a hook-and-loop fastener. In a nice perk, the thumb and forefinger are also touch-screen enabled.

Reax Castor Sport Leather Gloves

Editor Score: 83.0%
Aesthetics 8.5/10
Protection 8.5/10
Value 9.0/10
Comfort/Fit 7.5/10
Quality/Design 8.5/10
Weight 8.5/10
Options/Selection 8.5/10
Innovation 8.0/10
Weather Suitability 8.0/10
Desirable/Cool Factor 8.0/10
Overall Score83/100

The Indonesian-made Castor is available in sizes S-3XL. However, if the pair I tested is representative of the line, sizing runs a little small. Typically, I wear a large glove, and the Castor was initially a bit snug. (Using a leather relaxer to saturate the hide before a couple of rides resolved the issue.) If your hands are between sizes, I’d suggest going up to the larger size.

From multiple layers of leather to a flexible insert on the heel of the palm, the Castory gloves have the protection you need for everyday riding.

The Castor Sport Leather Gloves are a good-looking daily use glove that I have been wearing regularly for a couple months. They are available in black, black/gray, black/white, and white/black/red color combinations.

Buy the Castor Sport Leather Gloves directly from Cycle Gear here.

Evans Brasfield
Evans Brasfield

Like most of the best happenings in his life, Evans stumbled into his motojournalism career. While on his way to a planned life in academia, he applied for a job at a motorcycle magazine, thinking he’d get the opportunity to write some freelance articles. Instead, he was offered a full-time job in which he discovered he could actually get paid to ride other people’s motorcycles – and he’s never looked back. Over the 25 years he’s been in the motorcycle industry, Evans has written two books, 101 Sportbike Performance Projects and How to Modify Your Metric Cruiser, and has ridden just about every production motorcycle manufactured. Evans has a deep love of motorcycles and believes they are a force for good in the world.

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    If you ride anywhere in the American Southwest, the best jacket is one with large mesh panels that can be uncovered. I hung up my leather jacket many years ago.