Have a father? Plan on celebrating Father’s Day? Well, it’s time to get to gift giving. You’ve been searching for that perfect gift for the guy who’s spent your entire life being your dad, but you can’t decide what to get. Is your dad a motorcyclist? If so, things just got easier. Not only because buying any biker motorcycle-related stuff will be an instant win, but also because MO put together a super rad Father’s Day Buyer’s Guide with gifts guaranteed to win you the coveted favorite child award. Rest assured, when your pops tears the wrapping off of one of these bad boys, he’ll forget all about that other child and his lame robin’s egg blue tie.

Motion Pro Tools – $ Varies

Get your pops something that’ll keep him where he belongs: in the garage. Motion Pro is the name in high-quality moto-centric specialty tools. From valve spring compressors and fork alignment tools to titanium wrenches and magnetic parts dishes, Motion Pro has it all. Tools you (or your dad) never knew you needed are available from the good folks at Motion Pro, all designed to make those difficult jobs much easier. Any dad – or anyone else for that matter – is sure to be stoked to get a package that says Motion Pro on the outside. Kind of like getting a Tiffany’s blue box, it doesn’t matter what’s inside, you know it’s going to be good.

Shop for Titanium Wrenches here

Dainese Alger Nomad – $579.95

For the cool dads out there. Dainese’s new Dunes Collection features Dakar-inspired jackets for men and women, as well as gloves, boots, pants, and more. The Alger Nomad jacket is a replica of the kit early Paris-Dakar rally racers would wear during the legendary race. Not only does the Dainese Alger Nomad look the part, it’s also a functional motorcycle jacket. Dainese has included removable CE-rated Pro Armor protectors at the shoulders and elbows as well as a pocket for a back protector (sold separately). A warm weather jacket, the Alger Nomad is made up of Nemes textile and tear-resistant Trixivent mesh to provide a comfortable breathable everyday moto jacket. Your pops will be the coolest dad on the block when he dons the Alger Nomad, and let’s be honest, dads can always use extra cool points.

Shop for the Dainese Alger Nomad jacket here


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CarCovers.com Platinum Shield Motorcycle Cover

Platinum Shield Motorcycle Cover

Every father deserves a bit of a break on Father’s Day. Why shouldn’t his motorcycle have the same kind of TLC? That’s where the motorcycle cover from CarCovers.com comes in as the perfect Father’s Day gift.

The durable Platinum Shield Motorcycle Cover is made from a lightweight, woven polyester fabric that’s built for all-weather protection. The reflective urethane coating on the outside sheds water efficiently, while the soft fleece on the inside protects your motorcycle from scratches. Plus, the cover is UV-treated to defend against sun damage and double-stitched to help stop leaks of harmful substances like tree sap, acid rain, bird droppings, and more.

All of this protection comes with a highly breathable cover, so you don’t have to worry about mold, mildew, or rust forming. It helps keep your motorcycle cool, too. And with a Limited Lifetime Warranty, you’ll be proving to your dad that you love him far beyond the 24-hours of Father’s Day. Check out this great Father’s Day gift at the link below.

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REV’IT! Quantum Race Suit – $1,249.99

Give your pops the gift of protection this Father’s day. Whether he’s already a track daddy or aspiring to be one, the REV’IT! Quantum race suit will ensure he’s protected when tearing up the tarmac – figuratively, we hope. The Quantum track suit is made of Monaco cow hide and bolstered by protectors in the knees, shoulders, elbows, and hips while also featuring pockets for chest and back protectors (sold separately). Localized perforation and mesh will help keep your dad calm, cool, and collected as he’s dragging knee around the circuit. Styling of the Quantum suit is in-your-face with its snakeskin embossed leather and three color options of splatter-esque design. But hey, your dad’s cool. He can pull it off.

Shop for the REV’IT! Quantum suit here

Track Days – $ Varies

Maybe your pops already has his closet stocked with track suits and just needs somewhere to go? Buy the guy some track time at his favorite track. There are tons of track day providers out there. A quick Google search of your area and track should pull up a handful of options. Here in southern California, there are more than a handful. Cali Track Days is one provider that focuses on bringing riders from the street to the track in a safe environment. They also manage to do so for a relatively low $100 per day. Again, there are lots of track day providers out there, so do some research and find the best deal for your daddy.

Tires – $ Varies

Any moto-father would be ecstatic to unwrap a fresh set of rubber Father’s Day morning. Tires, like chains and sprockets, oil and filters, are consumables, meaning they’ll always need replacing so there’s always a need for more. If the padre in your life spends his riding time suiting up in full leathers or spinning motos at the local MX track, he’ll appreciate a set of freshies even more.

Dunlop Sportmax Q4 Review

Shop for the Dunlop Q4 here

Edelweiss New Zealand Bike Tour – $7,000

Wanna blow your old man’s mind? Set him up on a lavish international moto-excursion. That ought to do it. Imagine his face when you tell him he’ll be spending 14 days riding through the epic scenery in which his favorite fantasy trilogy was filmed (nerd). Edelweiss offers motorcycle tours around the globe. This is quite possibly the way to cement yourself as his all-time favorite human being. If you’ve got the funds, it’s a home run.

Shop for the Edelweiss New Zealand Tour here


Father's Day Gift Guide

Nothing says dad like a modular helmet. The ultimate in practicality and convenience. We’ve got plenty of dads here at MO that swear by em. Your father’s desire to look “cool” faded into being practical just a few months into your existence, and that’s okay. Our own father of two, Troy Siahaan just recently reviewed the HJC RPHA 90 modular helmet. In his review, Papa Troy states the obvious when talking about modulars, “I love their practicality.” We know you do, Troy. In the subtitle, to put it bluntly, Papa T simply says, “A darn good flip-up.” If that isn’t a glowing recommendation from a father of not only one but two little girls, I don’t know what is.

MO Tested: HJC RPHA 90 Helmet Review

Shop for the HJC RPHA 90 here

Wolfman Blackhawk Tank Bag – $184.99

Father's Day Gift Guide

Speaking of practicality, what’s more practical than a good tank bag? Of course, your dad wouldn’t want some cheap knock-off moto-luggage manufactured who-knows-where. Not a chance! Your dad appreciates quality goods made right here in the greatest nation on the planet! Look no further than Wolfman Motorcycle Luggage. They’ve been designing and manufacturing bombproof motorcycle luggage in the U.S. of A. since before you were a twinkle in your father’s eye. Our very own managing editor, papa Evans Brasfield dadded-out during our most recent Big Bore Adventure Touring Shootout with his Wolfman Blackhawk tank bag, and we were all thankful for the extra batteries, sunscreen, and snacks he kept on hand throughout. Check out Evans’ review below.

MO Tested: Wolfman Blackhawk Tank Bag Review

Shop for the Wolfman Blackhawk Tank Bag here

2021 Yamaha Tenere 700

Father's Day Gift Guide

If you really care about your father, his happiness and general mental health, the best thing you can do for him is to… buy him a new motorcycle! Heck yeah! He’ll forget he even has any other children when you surprise him Father’s Day morning with a kick-ass adventure bike he can conquer the world with. That “#1 Dad” mug that his #2 child gave him will slip from his shocked fingers and shatter to the ground when he gets a load of the rally-inspired long-travel-suspension-having 689cc Twin-powered ADV bike you just bestowed upon him. Congrats kid, you’ve won Father’s Day.

2020 Yamaha Tenere 700 Review – First Ride

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Father's Day Gift Guide

In a poll of MO Staff daddies, time came up more than once. Time to ride, time to wrench, time to do moto-stuff. Dads spend a lot of their time working hard to ensure their family is able to live happily and safely day-to-day. These unsung heroes give 110% of their time everytime. So, what can you do? Help your pops out by letting him take the day or weekend off to go ride or wrench. Let him know you’ve got everything covered on the home front so he can spend his time focusing on that trip he keeps talking about or that project that’s been sitting in pieces in the corner of the garage.

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