Poll: Are You Down With Riding Double?

Seth Fargher
by Seth Fargher

For some, getting out on the open road with their spouse or partner is all part of the riding experience. For others, a motorcycle serves as somewhat of an escape from the busyness of life, and yes, that includes people. So we’re curious if you enjoy riding double or if you think buddy pegs were the worst invention ever?

Are You Down With Riding Double?
Seth Fargher
Seth Fargher

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  • Kirk Harrington Kirk Harrington on Jul 06, 2017

    I've been married a couple times, had girlfriends since as long as I can remember as a youth and entering into my AARP years. Best riding partner ever...my kid. I put my kid on the back of a street bike at 5yo and 14 yrs later we have logged more miles than all ex wives and girlfriends combined many times over. The kid just loves being a passenger, will go anywhere and ride any distance without complaint. I don't know if it's because of the adventure or the fact that speed, wind and free food are usually involved but I'll take that time because kids grow up and move on to other things that interest them eventually.

  • Sayyed Bashir Sayyed Bashir on Jul 08, 2017

    I bought the 2007 Harley Softail for solo riding only. I don't mind risking my life but not others lives. As soon as I brought my 2015 KTM 1190 Adventure R home, I took off both passenger foot rests and brackets. Saved 10 lbs. The left passenger footrest and bracket on my 2007 Suzuki Bandit 1250S is also gone but the right one is holding up the Yoshimura exhaust. Haven't figured out how to get rid of it. Need a custom bracket.