Today’s poll question actually comes from the KFBK News Radio out of Sacramento, California. In its unscientific and for entertainment purposes only poll the question poses whether the new lane splitting law is a good one. Should we be surprised to see that even in California – where lane splitting has been practiced for decades, and recently made into law – 65% of respondents at press time were against the law? We probably shouldn’t.

lane splitting

A thoughtful comment by Stuart Myers on the KFBK website: “I regularly commute to the East Bay from Yolo on a bike and lane split on every ride. Just like in cars/trucks, most are competent/respectful riders and some are not. Common courtesy goes a long way.”

What’s more intriguing than the loss, however, is the underlying reason cagers are so opposed to the law: It’s dangerous and unfair to cars stuck in traffic. Dangerous to who, motorcyclists? It warms our hearts to think that cagers are so concerned for our well-being. Or, maybe, it’s more the second part of the answer; unfair to cars stuck in traffic. Yah, we think it’s most likely that reason. Facts regarding the positive impacts filtering has on traffic congestion, and the benefits both motorists and motorcyclists receive from lane splitting will never trump the feeling of getting screwed over, no matter how unfounded.

Anyway, out of curiosity, we thought MO should post the same poll question to see what the results an enthusiast’s website will garner. So, cast your ballot and let’s see our own unscientific results.

Whether you lane split or not, ride in California where it’s legal or in some other unenlightened state, please keep in mind the idiocy inhabiting our roads. Daniella’s tirade in the video below underlines the effectiveness of usings the f-word to demonstrate intelligence while emphasizing her point, as well as the dangers we face as motorcyclists. What may be worse than the fact she owns driver’s license is she, and others like her, are allowed to vote.