How Many Fingers Do You Use On The Front Brake?

Evans Brasfield
by Evans Brasfield

Whether it's one, two, or more, front brake mastery is essential for your survival.

how many fingers do you use on the front brake

Remember the Bad Old Days when rider education consisted of: “Here’s the clutch, gear shift lever, and the throttle. Don’t touch that. It’s the front brake, and it’ll kill you.” Well, times have changed, and all motorcyclists who’ve spent any time studying the art of riding are familiar with the proper use of the front brake. That, however, doesn’t mean there is no controversy about its use. Nope, motorcyclists can find an excuse to argue over almost anything. Today, it’s not whether using the front brake is dangerous but rather how many fingers you use on the lever.

So, in our efforts to thoroughly research everything motorcycle related, we turn to you, oh devoted MOrons, to settle the issue once and for all time. How many fingers should you use on the front brake lever? Though we’ll be tallying the results in a poll form, feel free to let us know why you do what you do and how those who do differently are out of their freaking minds.

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