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by Elliot Strong
Yossef Schvetz has just sent us some pictures of Moto Guzzi's latest project and information regarding their plans for the upcoming Intermot show. Drawing from the information given, Moto Guzzi will have two different areas at their booth at Intermot: the "Laboratory of Style," and the "Laboratory of Technology." Through these two areas the company hopes to communicate the culmination of stylistic and technological goals.

Read on for more info and pictures of the concept bike...

Moto Guzzi considers the two areas at the show to be a chance to show off some of their work that highlights recent developments in both their R&D department and in their design department. The concept bikes that they will show are meant to be an "extreme concept" of recent developments and design trends within the company.

The press release states that it will be a "very important moment where Moto Guzzi [will show] that, thanks to the unique 90° V-Twin engine, it is able to project and build motorcycles of different styles and usage in a wide range… Starting from this design concept (extreme custom) and arriving to supersport models, always with a strong and unique personality and Italian character."

They go on to stress that this concept bike is more of a "style exercise" meant to stretch their thinking and explore new directions (which is the point of a good concept bike), rather than to show off a future production bike- but we can hope that it makes it to that stage! They hope to get feedback on this bike from the press and "fans of the brand, in order to define all possible future scenarios for the 'Eagle Brand.'"

Also important to note is that the 'Tecnocustom' name refers to the general project name, rather than a specific name for the concept motorcycle- its name has not yet been finalized.


Type: 90° V-Twin, 2 cylinders, 4 valves per cylinder
Cooling: Air-cooled
Displacement: 992cc
Power: 102hp @ 8400 rpm
Torque: 9kgm @ 7800 rpm
Gearbox: 6 speeds

Type: Steel
Front suspension: WP upside down forks, 41mm diameter
Rear suspension: Aluminum single-sided swingarm
Front brake: Brembo dual disc series Oro with 320mm diameter discs
Rear brake: Brembo single disc
Weight: 199 kg/434 lbs.

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