Open Twins Shootout: The Street

John P Burns
by John P Burns
No matter how beautiful she looks, goes the old saying, somebody, somewhere, is sick to death of shagging her fly balls, so to speak--and that somebody is me. I'm sick of our friends the twins. Lovely, aren't they? Yes, and if I (Johnny B) didn't ride them for a living, I'd be lucky to get within spitting distance of any of these long-legged wonders--particularly the exotic Italian dishes.

Ever driven through L.A. on a Friday evening? It defines gnarly traffic. Beginning after lunch, since it's a hedonistic town in which everybody must get a jump on the weekend, things begin to snarl even worse than usual. By about six pm, it's not a nice mix of pissed-off commuters in giant protective SUVs and armored Mercedes-Benzes who didn't get the jump, early-starting partiers careening around in stiff little Japanese cars with monstrous woofers, and migrant workers in clapped-out Ford Granadas cruising ranchera-style...

And so, if we haven't offended you already, head on over to read the street portion of the Open Twins Shootout wherein we pit the beautiful Aprilia Mille-R against the stunning Ducati 998 and the oh-so-sexy Honda RC-51. After you've done so, feel free to let us know what you think of the bikes, of us, and how you expect them to fare in the upcoming race track and drag strip portions of this flog.

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John P Burns
John P Burns

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