Declaration of Independence Issued by SBK

Glenn le santo
by Glenn le santo
The organisers of the World Superbike Championship have made it crystal clear in a press release issued this morning at Donington, England, that the series will not be merged with the motorcycle Grand Prix Championship. The pronouncement was made to stem the tide of speculation regarding the future of Superbike Championship when four-stroke motorcycles return to the GPs for the 2001 season...

In a statement the SBK said that is was their belief that; “the Superbike World Championship is one of the most interesting sports products that motor sport has ever produced and, therefore, excludes the possibility of a merger with the Grand Prix.”

The statement contains a quote from the President of Aprilia, Ivano Beggio affirming the factory’s commitment to the World Superbike series; “we are linked to this formula and we will continue to be so to the best of our ability.”

There was also reference to future rule changes in Superbikes, aimed at allowing 1000cc four-cylinder motorcycles to compete in the series. The Motorsport Manufacturers Association (MSMA), of which Beggio is also President, is currently considering; “modifications to the performance balance between the various engine’s configurations allowed by the technical regulation (2/3/4 cylinder, etc).” The MSMA hopes to have the any proposed changes defined before the next FIM meeting, which takes place in October this year.

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Glenn le santo
Glenn le santo

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