Maxima Loves Women

Brent Avis
by Brent Avis
Maxima Racing Oils signed as the title sponsor of the DM Sports 2001Women's World MX Championship Series today with over $4,000 in productand Championship bonuses available to women participants of theprestigious series...

Maxima will award a free Maxima 10' x 15' EZ-Up Tent to thehighest overall placing Amateur rider in the series who uses MaximaLubricants and has Maxima stickers displayed on her bike. Maxima will alsopresent the Women's Overall Pro Champion of the DM Sports Series with aChampionship Bonus Check of $ 1,000. Another bonus of $1,000 will beadded to the first female rider using Maxima Lubricants and displayingMaxima stickers on her bike to qualify for an AMA outdoor motocrossnational.

"The Maxima Company, owners and employees, have their roots in Motocross,and we are always willing to do whatever we can to promote the sport ofmotocross," said Maxima representative Chuck Ramage. "The women's motocross movement is a fairly new phenomenon andwe are happy to see the women out there having as much fun racingmotocross as the men have had for countless years. Maxima is proud to bea part of the Women's World Motocross Championship Series. "

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Brent Avis
Brent Avis

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