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Building a better motorcycle crash helmet

By George Obradovich, Jun. 22, 2004
A British doctor has designed a helmet that provides 60% more protection than conventional helmets, but no established company has shown interest in developing the helmet, according to The Economist. (Sorry, subscription only content.)

Dr. Phillips has started his own company, Phillips Helmets with the intention of eventually manufacturing the helmets himself. Essentially, the outer shell moves independently of the inner cushion, significantly reducing torsional forces on the head, and therefore the brain. Phillips claims that 1,900 lives and 4.6 billion GBP (US$ 8.4 billion) could be saved in the United States every year with his helmet technology.

Are bad decisions being made by the helmet biggies in not moving forward with this technology? Is the Man keeping you from a better helmet, just like he kept the 100 mpg carburator away from you? Or is Dr. Phillips a self-aggrandizing salesman? Beats me.
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Motorcycle.com Staff
Motorcycle.com Staff

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