American Ride Documentary Needs Footage Staff
by Staff
Hi all,

I am directing and producing a documentary called American Ride, revolving around the 100 Year of Harley event going on this summer in Milwaukee, WI, during the last week of August. I grew up in Milwaukee, attended UW-Madison undergrad in Business, moved to Malibu CA in my early twenties and obtained my Masters in Film from UCLA.

My main film crew is coming from Los Angeles for the event. Because there are numerous events planned in the Milwaukee area, going on at once, including private parties, I am seeking the help of both pro and amateur filmmakers who are interested in shooting footage and working on assignment for us, for credit only.

We hope to have a theatrical release. Our goal is to reveal biker life today as compared to those who rode 30 years ago. My "confidential" contacts worked on Easy Rider, the ill-fated Easy Rider 2, The Exorcist and Ruthless People. I also have rare footage of the 70's biker rallies at my disposal.

This will be a great project: one which captures the experience of both the open road and intimate interviews--who knows what special 'biker moments' will reveal? As an artist and filmmaker, I relish each filmmakers personal vision and applaud anyone who follows their dream. The stories we will explore will include the good, the bad and the ugly. In order to cover as many of the events as possible, we need your help in achieving our goals.

Please email me at [email protected] for an assignment or if you are interested in hosting an event in conjunction with the film during those dates in late August, or if you can give us sponsorship leads. I have a few top venues at my disposal. Our website, which is under construction, is

I need the following information:

camera plan to use/
if you want to work independent or be a part of our larger crew (which includes following bikers from various parts of the country to and from the event)/
availability (days and hours)/
list of your available equipment/
will you be riding to the event/from what state
club affiliation, if any
kind of bike you ride, if any

You will have to sign a release form, indemnifying us for whatever might happen to you during these events, and you would have to sign a simple contract saying you acknowledge the fact you will NOT be paid for the footage, but you do expect a film credit, if we decide to use your footage. No agency or employment relationship is formed and no other contractual obligations exist between us. We are under no obligation to use any footage that is sent us.

We will seek both still photography and video tape. Nothing less than a 3 chip camera can be used, because it just doesn't hold up when projected.

We also need models and actors to interview bikers. Please email me at [email protected] for more information and assignments.


The American Ride Team
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