Which 250 Should I Get?

Heyaz, Im from Australia. The rules are for the first year of riding you can only ride bikes up too 250cc... untill you pass another test you can ride what you want.

I just wanted to get your opinions on which 250 to get...

I have been looking at kawasaki ZZR 250's (brand new $8000 AUD and used $2500 - $5000 AUD)
CBR 250's (can only get up too 2000 models here, so used, price varies with model)
suzuki RGV (nobody insures them anymore).
I have also been looking at a few other misc. bikes including the suzuki bandit 250 (a bigger bike, as i am 6'3" and solid build, dealer told me i make 1000cc bikes look like 250's, go figure, but rules are rules and gotta get a 250 strait up!)

ZZR seems a tad girly, but theres lots of them about, reliable? CBR 250's are just sexy and are performers. the RGV insurance is through the roof. the suzuki bandit seems like a sensible choice but still, not as sexy as the CBR!

gotta balance performance, learning curve and price i guess.
which bike!?
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