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Was confounding some MORidians who used Windows machines with Internet Explorer -- they couldn't load all those dang pictures (there's 96 thumbnails linking to wallpaper pics at the bottom).

This has nothing to do with motorcycles, but there's some very helpfull MOFos out there (and some pretty irate ones!) that have been helping us track down the problem: Turns out there's a bug in IE that Microsoft is being hush-hush about, but there nonetheless. The good folks at and Sports Shooter were having the same problem, albiet from a different source -- Adobe Photoshop 7 saves copyright and text info in the Exif headers of JPEG pictures, and that would make IE stall on occasion. Shazzam! (Proverbial lightbulb turns on.) Our spiffy new digicam (and all digicams) write their photo info to the Exif headers -- that's how they know which picture is which, and they store the thumbnail images there you view on the digicam's viewfinder...

...anyway, we didn't mean this to turn into a big ramble, but the automated program we hacked up to make the thumbnails/wallpapers is not set up to strip all headers out of the files, and IE seems to be working find site-wide. Here's how, for you perl geeks:

go "convert -quality 50 +profile iptc -geometry 133x100 /.thumb-small/";

convert is part of the command-line ImageMagick tools and the "+profile iptc" of the latest ImageMagick tarball fixes the IE not-loading problem.

The point? If you stumble across any older MO stories that stall on loading with IE, we need to re-index them, so let us know which ones.

That is all, thanks to all those that helped!

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