Jesse James to endorse S&S Cycles

West Coast Choppers owner teams up with components maker

By Motorcycle.Com Staff, Mar. 10, 2008

Custom motorcycle manufacturer Jesse James has agreed to a collaboration agreement with engine and components maker S&S Cycle.

The agreement includes exclusive use of S&S engines in all American V-twin products built in James’ famed shop West Coast Choppers. The former host of Monster Garage is also planning to build a special motorcycle to mark S&S Cycle’s 50th anniversary in June.

“I have been riding S&S stroker motor bikes since I was 17 years old,” says James. “West Coast Choppers have consistently been the fastest bikes around and I have S&S to thank for that. I am honored to work with a company that produces such quality products that are made in the USA.”

Well known among V-twin engine enthusiasts, S&S is banking on James’ fame to help broaden its market.

“The past 50 years for S&S have been an extreme success for us in the traditional V-twin market,” says S&S president Brett Smith. “Jesse’s enthusiasm for classic V-twin performance was the genesis for this agreement, yet this collaboration will allow us to expand our efforts into the mainstream motorcycle market as a whole—particularly with our 50-state compliant X-Wedge engine. I am looking forward to seeing what Jesse comes up with for that engine.”

James and S&S will also be developing a new line of apparel for late 2008.