Buell 1190RS Streetbike Teased

Motorcycle.com Staff
by Motorcycle.com Staff
Erik Buell Racing has begun promoting a new streetbike based on its 1190RR race machine.

The new motorcycle, to be called the EBR 1190RS, will be the first Buell streetbike to be produced since Harley-Davidson shut down the Buell brand in October. Based on the name, it should be similar to the 1190RR race bike which uses an 1190cc V-Twin engine claiming 185 hp and 93 ft-lb. of torque.

The EBR 1190RS is still at the pre-production and testing phases, but Erik Buell’s record label Rat Pak Records is now selling clothing bearing the EBR 1190RS logo. A teaser video for the new bike will be released on Sept. 14 featuring music from Wratchet Head, a new band from Queensryche’s Michael Wilton.

Erik Buell’s non-compete agreement with Harley-Davidson will reportedly end February 2011, so no official details about the 1190RS should be expected until then.

buell 1190rs streetbike teased, Erik Buell Racing has begun selling swag bearing the 1190RS logo
Erik Buell Racing has begun selling swag bearing the 1190RS logo.

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