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Erik Buell Racing has released details of the new 1190RR race bike.

The 1190RR, the first motorcycle produced by Erik Buell’s new venture, is based on the Buell 1125R and Buell 1125RR. The new race bike has been tested by riders such as Alex Barros, Jeremy McWilliams, Chris Ulrich, Taylor Knapp and Cory West.

With a 1,190cc 72-degree V-Twin engine, the new racing-only motorcycle meets the World Superbike Championship’s displacement limit and the AMA American Superbike class’ displacement for Twins. Though it has yet to be approved for AMA racing, Erik Buell Racing says the 1190RR can be raced in different series around the world.

erik buell racing releases 1190rr details, Erik Buell Racing s 1190RR isn t approved for AMA Road Racing yet but it may enter other series around the world
Erik Buell Racing's 1190RR isn't approved for AMA Road Racing yet but it may enter other series around the world.

1190RR models are constructed from new 1125R motorcycles with “Superbike-level” components. The engines received new internal parts to support a higher rev range. According to Erik Buell Racing, the 1190RR has 185 hp at the rear wheel at 11,500 rpm, up considerably from the 1125R’s listed 140 rwhp at 10,800 rpm and the 1125RR’s 170 rwhp at 11,500 rpm. Maximum torque is also increased, with the 1190RR claiming 93 ft-lb. at 9,500 rpm compared to 80 ft-lb. for the 1125R and 86 ft-lb. for the 1125RR. According to Erik Buell Racing, the 1190RR is also lighter than its siblings, hitting the scales at 360 lb. wet with no fuel, 30 lb. lighter than the 1125R and 8 lb. lighter than the 1125RR.

The 1190RR’s chassis shares many components with the 1125RR including the light alloy large section beam with integrated fuel tank, fully adjustable 43mm Showa Race inverted forks and six-spoke ZTL magnesium wheels. The 1190RR does have a larger rear brake at 240 mm compared to the 1125RR’s 205 mm brake.

At least two 1190RR race bikes have already been sold. The team purchased a pair of 1190RR motorcycles in January to compete in the European Sound of Thunder Series.

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