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BlueRibbon Coalition founder heads to HoF

Clark Collins named to 2010 Class
By Motorcycle.Com Staff, Jun. 11, 2010
BlueRibbon Coalition founder Clark Collins has been named to the AMA Hall of Fame Class of 2010.

A longtime advocate for keeping trails open, Collins joins racing team owner Mitch Payton and racer David Emde in the 2010 class. Collins follows another off-highway rights activist, Mona Ehnes who was inducted to the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame in 2009.

I was really excited last year for Mona Ehnes being inducted as a rights representative, and Im amazed to be inducted, says Collins. Looking at all the people in the Hall of Fame, I feel really honored to be on that list. A lot of the Hall of Famers got in for their skill in going fast on motorcycles, and Im excited to see that folks like Mona and me, who have been involved in the advocacy role, get recognized as well. We're not used to getting trophies, and we dont get to stand up and be recognized for going fast, so this is really great.

Collins formed the BRC in 1987 with the aim of protecting responsible recreational use of public lands and waters. Collins served as executive director until his retirement in 2004. The BRC was created after then-Idaho Governor John Evans told Collins recreational riders were not politically significant. Collins and the BRC set to prove Evans wrong, becoming a nationally recognized authority on motorized recreation.

Clark is a testament to one persons belief in a cause truly making a difference, says Kathy Van Kleeck, chairwoman of the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame Leadership/Rights Committee. Clark grew the BlueRibbon Coalition from a germ of an idea into the nations largest coalition of off-road access advocates, recognized across the country as an outspoken grassroots voice on behalf of off-highway vehicle recreation. His ability to organize motorized vehicle enthusiasts gave voice to a new movement of political activism, and made OHV riders politically significant.

Collins continues to be an active voice in the recreational riding community, currently serving as president of the Idaho State ATV Association.

Clark Collins represents an area that is so vitally important to all riders motorcyclists rights and he is a fitting inductee into the Hall of Fame, says Jack Penton, AMA director of operations and a Hall of Famer himself. Collins advocacy work is the reason why so many trails remain open today, and why motorcyclists across the country are better organized to protect the future of motorcycling.

Collins and the rest of the 2010 Hall of Fame Class will be inducted Nov. 19 at the Las vegas Red Rock Resort during the AMA Legends & Champions Weekend.

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