AMA Sportbike: 2010 Daytona 200 results

Herrin wins 69th running of Daytona 200

By Motorcycle.Com Staff, Mar. 09, 2010
Josh Herrin earned his first Daytona 200 victory, a year after falling just half a second short in the classic motorcycle race.

The Graves Yamaha rider finished second to Ben Bostrom by 0.551 seconds in a confusing 2009 Daytona 200. In 2010, Herrin outlasted the field to win by a 7.964 second margin.

The 2010 Daytona 200 had its share of hiccups, with one of the favorites Martin Cardenas of M4 Monster Energy Suzuki crashing out on turn 3 and several other riders were involved in a separate first-lap crash. The two incidents brought out the red flag, forcing a restart.

Unlike last year’s race, the grid was reformed in short order. As the lights began to change for the restart, pole-sitter Danny Eslick, now riding a Suzuki GSX-R600 instead of his 2009 Daytona Sportbike Championship- winning Buell 1125R, moved early. Realizing he had jumped the gun, Eslick stopped himself before starting with the lights. If this had happened last year, Eslick would likely have been given a stop-and-go penalty.  This year, AMA Pro Racing organizers are taking a less heavy-handed approach to officiating, and since Eslick gained no competitive advantage, no penalty was given.

Once the race started, a group of ten riders emerged at the front, swapping the lead between them. The lead group included Herrin, Eslick, Tommy Aquino, Steve Rapp and Dane Westby.

Bikes began the first trip to the pits on lap 17, but a fueling malfunction flooded Aquino’s R6 and the pit box with fuel, ending the Graves Yamaha rider’s race.

The lead group was whittled down to Westby, Herrin and Eslick, and soon after, it was down to just Westby and Herrin.

The second round of pits began around lap 34, and Westby and Herrin entered together on lap 39. Both teams worked to get their riders back in the race but the Graves Yamaha team was quicker, sending Herrin out with the lead. That proved to be the turning point of the race as Herrin broke away for the win.

Westby coasted into second on the Project 1 Atlanta Yamaha, putting a pair of R6’s on top. Steve Rapp finished 24.496 seconds back for third for Team Latus Motors on a Ducati 848.

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