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2011 Can-Am Spyder RT Recall

Three-wheeler may inadvertently switch to reverse

Bombardier Recreational Products is issuing a recall on the 2011 Can-Am Spyder RT with the SM5 manual transmission option.

According to documents filed with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the manual transmission Can-Am Spyder RT may inadvertently switch into reverse while downshifting.

Normally, a Can-Am Spyder RT can switch to reverse by pressing a button on the left handlebar with the clutch pulled in and the transmission in first gear.

2011 Can-Am Spyder RT

According to BRP, a defective reverse actuator cable may cause the reverse mode to engage while downshifting without the button being pressed. If this happens while the vehicle is moving forward, the rear wheel may lock and the engine could stall. If the problem occurred while the Spyder isn’t moving, it may begin to move backwards.

The problem was identified Jan. 20 during regular testing on the assembly line. BRP dealers will test the reverse actuators on 2011 Can-Am Spyder RT models and replace defective units with a new reverse actuator assembly.

The recall campaign affects 160 2011 Can Am Spyder RT units with the SM5 manual transmission. The Spyder RS and Spyder RT models with the SE5 automatic transmission are not included in the recall.

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