2022 Honda CRF1100L Africa Twin and Africa Twin Adventure Sports Updates for Europe

Dennis Chung
by Dennis Chung
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Fast Facts

Aluminum rear carrier now standard equipment for all versions
Revised DCT settings to improve low-speed handling
New adjustable windscreen for Adventure Sports model
Bold New Graphics

News on US updates expected shortly

Honda Europe announced some small, but useful updates to the Africa Twin and Africa Twin Adventure Sports. At the moment, American Honda has yet to confirm either CRF1100L model for 2022, but we suspect the updated Africa Twins will be announced soon.

The changes are small quality of life improvements that those who were holding off on purchasing a 2021 model will appreciate. At the same time, existing Africa Twin owners shouldn’t have too much regret about missing out on these changes.

2022 honda crf1100l africa twin and africa twin adventure sports updates for europe

The only exception would be those who bought the regular Africa Twin and paid extra for an accessory luggage rack. All 2022 Africa Twin models will now come standard with an aluminum luggage rack which was previously standard on Adventure Sports models (both DCT and non-DCT).

For 2022, Adventure Sports models receive a new adjustable screen that is 4.4 inches shorter than the previous version. According to Honda, the shorter screen offers improved visibility without sacrificing protection from wind and weather.

2022 honda crf1100l africa twin and africa twin adventure sports updates for europe

Africa Twin models with a Dual Clutch Transmission receive refined settings in first and second gears. The update should improve handling at low speeds or when starting from a standstill.

And, of course, the 2022 models offer the always popular Bold New Graphics. The Africa Twin Adventure Sports will be offered in Pearl Glare White Tricolour or Matte Ballistic Black Metallic, both with a new “Cracked Terrain” graphic and all-black aluminum side covers and rear carrier.

2022 honda crf1100l africa twin and africa twin adventure sports updates for europe

Meanwhile, the regular CRF1100L Africa Twin will have a new “Big Logo” design and a choice of Pearl Glare White Tricolour, Grand Prix Red or Matte Ballistic Black.

2022 honda crf1100l africa twin and africa twin adventure sports updates for europe

European pricing for the 2022 Honda CRF1100L Africa Twin models remain to be announced. And, as we mentioned, we’re still awaiting word of U.S. availability.

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Dennis Chung
Dennis Chung

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  • Randolph Darino Randolph Darino on Aug 27, 2021

    I sure hope the upcoming Nt1100 sports tourer gets a HP bump from this. 100hp will not cut it on a 540lb bike. Honda will create another VFR800 type of poor selling bike. Needs at least 10-20 more HP. But, I have no hope that Honda will do this.

    • Larry W Larry W on Aug 27, 2021

      I'm hoping that NT1100 is much like the Africa Twin, where one can get a basic and an active suspension model with or without DCT. The basic, non DCT model should come in at under 500lbs. DCT and active suspension both add weight, the benefits being in the eye of the beholder. And yes, I've ridden several DCT equipped Hondas, and it works really well. That said, I prefer a clutch (on my cars as well!). I haven't ridden a bike with active suspension, but I do change the damping on my KTM several times each ride by pushbutton. I think I might like active. We'll see what Honda releases.

  • 12er 12er on Aug 31, 2021

    They look great but I have yet to find a rider enamored with it. Everyone I've found on the road addresses it as; "its ok, but."