2022 Harley-Davidson CVO Road Glide Limited to Be Announced Jan. 26

Dennis Chung
by Dennis Chung

CVO models may receive 122ci or 131ci upgrade

Harley-Davidson is expected to announce more 2022 models on Jan. 26, including its top-of-the-line Custom Vehicle Operations models. While the full list of 2022 CVO models remains to be determined, we expect a new Harley-Davidson CVO Road Glide Limited will be part of the announcement.

The confirmation comes to us after we got our hands on the installation manual for a secondary amplifier kit, required by Harley-Davidson’s Rockford Fosgate-powered audio systems that use six to eight speakers. The installation manual, dated Jan. 26, 2022, makes multiple references to a 2022 FLTRKSE.

In Harley-Davidson parlance, the FLTRK is the Road Glide Limited, while “SE” denotes a CVO model. The manual also provides instructions for “2021 and later” FLTRXSE (CVO Road Glide) and FLHXSE (CVO Street Glide) models, suggesting they will also be a part of the 2022 lineup. The FLHTKSE CVO Limited is mentioned for model years “2014 and later,” which makes it unclear if there will be a 2022 model.

While it’s possible this is a typo, we don’t believe it to be the case, as “FLTRKSE” is mentioned several times. It is also the only model that specifically says 2022 instead of “… and later”, which implies that it is a brand new model. There’s even a dedicated section describing the steps to install the kit to the FLTRKSE’s left saddlebag, while the instructions for the CVO Road Glide and CVO Street Glide are separate, and describe installation to the right saddlebag. A typo would not explain these distinctions.

The manual makes no mention of the CVO Tri Glide (FLHTCUTGSE), though that comes as no surprise as the kit isn’t compatible with Harley-Davidson’s Trikes because they can only be equipped with up to four speakers.

Based on this evidence, we expect the 2022 Harley-Davidson lineup to include the CVO Road Glide, CVO Street Glide, the new CVO Road Glide Limited, and possibly the CVO Tri Glide. A CVO Limited might be part of the 2022 lineup, but we wouldn’t be entirely surprised if the Road Glide Limited replaces it.

The 2016 CVO Road Glide Ultra was the last Road Glide with a tour pak to get the CVO treatment. The Road Glide Limited replaced the non-CVO Road Glide Ultra in 2020.

What remains to be seen is whether the CVO models will get an upgrade from the Twin-Cooled Milwaukee-Eight 117. The CVO models are typically separated from the rest of Harley-Davidson’s lineup by coming stock with the largest engine displacement. As we’ve previously reported, however, the 2022 Low Rider S is expected to come with the 117ci (1,923cc) engine.

Harley-Davidson may want to give the CVO range a bump up to 122ci (1923cc), a size usually achieved with a Screamin’ Eagle Stage III kit. There’s also a Stage IV which brings the Milwaukee-Eight up to 131ci (2,151cc), but we suspect Harley-Davidson will want to leave room for customers to purchase the upgrade separately.

We’ll find out for certain on Jan. 26 with Harley-Davidson’s “Further. Faster.” launch event.

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Dennis Chung
Dennis Chung

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  • Craig Hoffman Craig Hoffman on Jan 21, 2022

    If the good ship "FU Money" ever comes in, I will get a new CVO Road Glide, just because it is that kind of machine. Short haired clean shaven dorky me in a full face helmet, riding a CVO in my plain black textile gear. That could be quite a confusing sight for the Faithful. A CVO would also look good in the garage, parked next a Motus MST-R, which is another bike on my post Lotto winner list.

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    • 12er 12er on Jan 25, 2022

      Mine was a 82/83 mutant. It had the 83 plastics and seat (82 was steel tank) with the 82 4 speed. The left kick kept most of my buddies off it. I'm seeing 500 2 smokes asking 8-10k, freaking nuts. What do they think they are? A CVO Harley?

      Upon further googling I think I had an 82 with a blue seat cover. Maybe it was the 450 that had a steel tank? I definitely did not have the weird football swell on the right side of the bottom of the tank the 83 is showing, but I did not have a black 480 seat cover, it was the blue CR. Hearing one on youtube sure brought back the memories. I can still smell the yamalube.

  • LookinKool LookinKool on Jan 22, 2022

    Who buys these? Anyone here?

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