Hammy Dawg Cheats Death

John Burns
by John Burns

Pretty much all of us have looked back at things we did in our youth, shaken our heads, and wondered how we survived. Few of us ever came as close as Hammy Dawg does here.

It calls for poetry, really. I think Oliver Wendell Holmes summed it up best in this Memorial Day speech he gave in 1884:

… Nevertheless, the generation that carried on the war has been set apart by its experience. Through our great good fortune, in our youth our hearts were touched with fire. It was given to us to learn at the outset that life is a profound and passionate thing. While we are permitted to scorn nothing but indifference, and do not pretend to undervalue the worldly rewards of ambition, we have seen with our own eyes, beyond and above the gold fields, the snowy heights of honor, and it is for us to bear the report to those who come after us. But, above all, we have learned that whether a man accepts from Fortune her spade, and will look downward and dig, or from Aspiration her axe and cord, and will scale the ice, the one and only success which it is his to command is to bring to his work a mighty heart.

John Burns
John Burns

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  • Craig Hoffman Craig Hoffman on Mar 01, 2018

    There, but for a huge amount of dumb luck, is a pile of red mashed potatoes...

    YouTube has an amazing amount of squid videos. This one is particularly stomach churning. The car "lane splitting" between the wheelie squids at 1:00 in is particularly awesome...


  • Bcm Bcm on Mar 05, 2018

    Hammy? more like hambone! lucky you werent road pizza! think about that next time you wanna be a road hero, take it to the track!
    like Honda says, "Stupid Hurts" classic example